Reiki and MLD Massage


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Massage is a therapy using a unique very gentle technique. First developed in the 1930s in Europe, it is now widely recognized to treat fluid retention and to boost the function of the immune system, enhancing health and well-being.

The lymphatic system with its network of lymphatic vessels carries the lymph fluid containing toxins, bacteria, viruses, cellular waste products, proteins and fatty acids. 400 – 700 lymph nodes in different sizes help to filter waste and regulate the concentration in the lymph fluid until the lymph enters the blood stream.

To perform a lymphatic drainage massage it is very important to maintain a very light pressure and to push the lymph in a rhythmic pumping movement towards the corresponding lymph nodes. The lymph flow can be increased 8 – 10 times, so toxins and waste products are removed much faster. Lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful for many conditions. Edema, trauma, sprains, arthritis, swellings, puffiness and cellulite can be reduced. Burns, scar tissue, acne, skin conditions improve to restore a healthy skin appearance.

The immune system is stimulated by detoxifying the body, relieving allergies, sinus problems and headaches, chronic constipation, jet lag, alcohol hangover, toxic poisoning. In stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, pain is lessened and the body is allowed to help itself. Ideal to treat stress, fatigue, chronic pain, sleeping disorders, depression. The treatment is deeply relaxing and enhances beauty and health.



Your Reiki treatment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and comforted. You will experience this treatment fully clothed as the Reiki practitioner places her hands on various areas, transmitting energy to relieve your body of physical, spiritual, and emotional blocks. Reiki is an ancient form of healing with the hands. This non-intrusive form of therapeutic touch promotes healing not only of the body, but the mind, emotions,and spirit as well. The Reiki energy very gently goes to the areas in your body where the natural flow is blocked. Reiki is beneficial for all conditions from depression to headaches, from chronic illnesses to cancer. Reiki provides balance and assists the natural healing process of your body.

30 minutes – $54 | 45 minutes – $68 | 60 minutes – $78 | 90 minutes – $114

Combination Reiki & Massage
30 mins – $54 | 45 mins – $68 | 60 mins – $78 | 90 mins – $114

Gentle Ocean Breeze

Rejuvenating MLD-Massage & Balancing Reiki Facial
3 hours – $ 206

IMPORTANT: If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, please let the Front Desk/Reservations know at the time of booking. Not all of our therapists are registered Blue Cross providers, nor do all the treatments ‘qualify’ for receipts. Be sure to confirm with your insurance provider if your selection of massage treatment at White Point meets your insurance companies criteria for coverage and receipts.


FAQ about Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of healing touch therapy.

What does the word Reiki mean?

Life energy which transcends the universe.

What is the purpose of a Reiki treatment?

To increase the flow of life energy, to release blocks in the flow of life energy and to promote physical and emotional well-being.

How is Reiki practiced?

You enjoy this treatment while relaxed and fully clothed. The Reiki Master places their hands on various areas of the body in a special sequence appropriate to the client equirement.Reiki can be combined with other forms of Massage Therapy and may also include the use of Aromatherapy oils to increase relaxation.

What does the client experience during a Reiki treatment?

The client enjoys feelings of deep comfort, relaxation and balance.

What are the benefits of a Reiki treatment?

Reiki benefits all health conditions, especially stress, depression, insomnia, fatigue, arthritis and other chronic illnesses where it can help to improve all the functions in the body and to assist the natural healing process.

Are there any health conditions where Reiki should not be used?

No! Reiki is universal life energy and is always beneficial.

Can I receive Reiki while I undergo other medical treatments?

Absolutely! Reiki improves the results of other medical treatments and helps to reduce the side effects of medication and other medical procedures. It lessens painful conditions and can shorten recovery time after injury or surgery. Reiki is now accepted and used in Hospitals worldwide to improve patient care.