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Take a Little Local Home

It’s part of our White Point culture to celebrate who we are and where we live. We’re a conduit connecting our guests to our local artists, and we’re honoured to be able to show off their creations.

Feel free to drop by just to pick up a gift or something special for yourself or your home. We stock a wide selection of items from many artists on the South Shore. All our products are made in Nova Scotia, so you know you are supporting our local economy and taking a genuine piece of Nova Scotia back home with you.


White Point Clothing

We have a wide selection of White Point clothing, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets for kids and adults to show your White Point love.

Local Art

When you buy local art, not only do you support the local community, but art can be one of the most enjoyable ways to invest, surround yourself with beauty and capture memories. They also make unique gifts and keepsakes!

Unique Creations

Amongst the paintings, hookings, handmade stuffed bunnies, jams and jewelry, our dynamic shop also sells pottery, décor, books, ornaments, jewelry, even bracelets made from upcycled silverware, and old-fashioned wooden toys — many of which are custom White Point creations.

Gift Certificates

White Point Gift Certificates are perfect for those who enjoy getaways, travel, vacations and holidays—plus that can be used to purchase items in the Gift Shop!

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