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Welcome to our Iconic, Historic White Point Beach Resort.

Our new Main Lodge is a Nova Scotia masterpiece – inspired by White Pointers and built of and by Nova Scotia. Showcasing dozens of Nova Scotia products, materials and workmanship, it is a work of art to be enjoyed for many generations to come. If this is your first visit to White Point, as you drive down the laneway between rows of log cabins and centennial rose bushes like thousands before you since 1928, we hope the White Point essence starts to work its magic to melt your cares away and let your memories begin.

The resort has weathered nine decades of Nova Scotia’s history, catering to the needs and wants of our guests. We are proud to have achieved the longest average stay and the greatest number of repeat customers of any hotel operator in the province.

We believe that this success has come to us because of the feeling that exists at White Point. It’s a feeling that comes with knowing that your bartender’s grandfather tended the same bar in his youth. It comes from hearing the recreation staff telling the story of Ivy, who ran the dining room in the 1920s, whose ghost is said to roam the Main Lodge. It’s a feeling that comes from knowing the story of the local lads of the 1940s sneaking across the footbridge to the staff houses on summer nights to court the White Point girls.

Expansion has been gradual at White Point but continuous through the years. All of the original buildings were of split log construction. We have maintained this charming rustic style throughout while offering a wider range of accommodations and amenities. We pride ourselves on keeping the original look and feel at White Point Beach Resort that was created by our founders.

We’re proud of our history. That’s why you won’t find it tucked away for safekeeping in a cedar chest somewhere. You will notice that evidence of our past is all around you during your stay with us. Just take a look at the many photographs and artifacts that decorate the walls of the Main Lodge and many of our accommodations.

You may have realized by now that we’re pretty big on memories here at White Point Beach Resort. We hope you’ll come to our resort time and time again to make some of your own. Who knows? Maybe in fifty years, you’ll find your own smiling face in a frame on our wall. The thing about White Point Beach memories is that they’re always in the making.

Destination White Point, by Frances Jewel Dickson

Released June 2012, a retrospective of White Point and vacationing in Nova Scotia

Built originally as a hunting and fishing lodge in 1928, word spread quickly about the experience White Point offered. Stories of an ocean teeming with gargantuan bluefin tuna, trophy-sized salmon, and balsam woods heavily populated with moose and several species of game birds, lured avid anglers and hunters to our slice of the scenic South Shore. Wives and children enjoyed the amenities of the resort while husbands pursued their sport. Many families returned annually, staying one month or more, occupying the same cabin and their regular table in the dining room, overlooking our kilometre of boulder-dotted white sand beach.

Back then, guests arrived by steamship from Boston, by train from other points in the United States and Canada, or by motorcar, sometimes chauffeur-driven. Dedicated staff who lived on the property provided friendly service with good-natured familiarity. This connection has stood the test of time, as today’s repeat visitors often say that returning to White Point is like coming home.

A major shift occurred in the mid-1980s when White Point transitioned from seasonal to a year-round destination. We added a conference centre and more accommodations, always respecting the rustic style of the surroundings. Numerous corporate groups have since adopted White Point as their choice meeting location, and demand for weddings in our idyllic setting sometimes exceeds the calendar’s capacity.

Recreation is key to resort life. Some of the original options have prevailed, like tennis, shuffleboard and croquet. Today, a recreation team delivers programming for all age groups and inclinations. On-site options include two swimming pools, a golf course, a lake, nature trails and a spa. Beach games continue to appeal, like Twister and Snakes and Ladders, now played on life-size boards. Whereas building castles on the beach is timeless to children, they now have a wide range of arts and crafts activities to choose from. Marshmallow roasts are still popular and mussels have replaced clams at beach bakes. The introduction of a few domestic rabbits resulted in a sizeable population of the now-famous White Point bunnies, to the delight of all visitors.

Our dining room has kept pace with the times, evolving from simple fare like roast meats, chicken and fish, to more sophisticated dishes created by a discriminating chef using the freshest ingredients. White Point’s buffets and theme weekends enjoy increasing popularity. In light of mounting interest for pairing wine with food, we have one of the best wine lists, representing the largest selection of Wines of Nova Scotia.

Historic photos of archery practice on the beach in years gone by ranged from full orchestras for dancing to string quartets. Since the resort went year-round, we have staged several plays and dinner theatre performances. Our lounge features a live musician for our guests’ musical enjoyment.

On November 12, 2011, tragedy struck. Our beloved main lodge burnt to the ground, reducing 83 years of history to ashes. Immediately, the decision was made to rebuild. White Point would build an enhanced Main Lodge that would integrate ecological and accessibility features while preserving the rustic, casual nature of the original lodge. In 2012, guestrooms and cottages also underwent refreshing with amenities expanded.

On November 8, 2012, we reopened with our new main lodge, created by and of Nova Scotia products and skills. As our guests relax by a beach stone fireplace, the familiarity of the original building, and the expanded panoramic views of the beach only enhance the appreciation of that timeless vista.

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  • October 12th to December 23rd

    SEA'scape Getaway Package

    Shaped by the Sea, our SEA’scape package invites you to sample the shore life! This package includes 2 nights at White Point enveloped by the ocean surf orchestra and all your meals during your stay.

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    Escape for a romantic oceanside getaway! With the pounding surf as your orchestra, enjoy a romantic dinner, share a glass of wine by the fireplace, and take a stroll on the beach.

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    Beach, Bed & Breakfast Package

    2 nights including breakfast for two

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Getting Around

Our sweeping property holds so much to discover. Take a look at our property map to get acquainted with our grounds, or step inside and take a virtual tour.

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