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Spa Treatments

We look forward to welcoming you for a treatment in our Ocean Spa at White Point. Below are the various treatments available for you to choose from. Be sure to book your appointment in advance of your stay to avoid disappointment. Please note that our spa services are available to overnight and day guests.

IMPORTANT: If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, please let the Front Desk/Reservations know at the time of booking.

Massage Therapy

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Swedish Massage

In this classical treatment, the technique of long strokes and frictions and kneading movements are used to release muscle tensions, soothe pain, and improve blood circulation.

30mins- $54 |45mins- $68 | 60mins- $87

Aromatic Journey

Pure essential oils in combination with relaxing massage to spoil your senses.

30mins – $59 | 60mins – $93

Relaxation Massage

A true stress reliever.

30mins- $54 |45mins- $68 | 60mins- $87

Rejuvenating Body Treatments

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Rainforest Enchantment

Invigorating body wrap with pure tropical oils, rich plant-flower and herbal complex enhances beauty. Pure Bliss.

1 hour 15 mins – $128

Soothing Tranquility

Calming body wrap with a rich plant-flower and herbal complex, essential oils of Cocoa and Vanilla allow for a complete sense of well-being. Enjoy and relax.

1 hour 15 mins – $128

Holistic Balance Regenerating body wrap!

Enjoy relaxing essential oils combined with a rich plant-flower and herbal complex plus the wonderful healing touch of Reiki energy, creating heavenly peace of mind.

2 hours (120 mins) – $158

Hand and/or Foot Treatment

Your hands and feet deserve some special attention. Try our exfoliating rosemary-pine sea salt scrub, combined with a refreshing peppermint or soothing lavender massage.

30 mins hand or foot – $68 | 60 mins both – $98

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MLD Massage – Detox and Boost your Immune System

An anti-aging massage which treats fluid retention and releases cellular by-products. Toxins are removed much faster. In stimulating the nervous system, pain is lessened and the body is allowed to help itself. Indications include swelling, puffiness, cellulite, acne, allergies, sinus congestion, headaches, insomnia, rheumatic degenerative pain and other conditions.

30 mins – $54 | 45 mins – $68 | 60 mins – $87 | 90 mins – $114

Combine Traditional and Modern

Ancient Reiki healing combined with MLD Massage. Helps to restore a wonderful balance for mind and body.

30 mins – $54 | 45 mins – $68 | 60 mins – $87 | 90 mins – $114


Your Reiki treatment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and comforted. You will experience this treatment fully clothed as the Reiki practitioner places her hands on various areas, transmitting energy to relieve your body of physical, spiritual, and emotional blocks. Reiki is an ancient form of healing with the hands. This non-intrusive form of therapeutic touch promotes healing not only of the body, but the mind, emotions, and spirit as well. The Reiki energy very gently goes to the areas in your body where the natural flow is blocked. Reiki is beneficial for all conditions from depression to headaches, from chronic illnesses to cancer. Reiki provides balance and assists the natural healing process of your body.

30 mins – $54 | 45 mins – $68 60 mins – $87 | 90 mins – $114 Combination

Reiki& MLD Massage

30 mins – $54 | 45 mins – $68 60 mins – $87 | 90 mins – $114

Tax is additional to prices quoted. All prices are in Canadian Funds.

IMPORTANT: If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, please let the Front Desk/Reservations know at the time of booking. Not all of our therapists are registered Blue Cross providers, nor do all the treatments fall under the ‘qualified’ for receipts. Be sure to confirm with your insurance provider if your selection of massage treatment at White Point meets your insurance companies criteria for coverage and receipts.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of a perfect, pampering spa treatment with a White Point Gift Certificate. Our gift certificates never expire and can be used across our resort.

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