Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Rejuvenating Body Treatments & Packages

IMPORTANT: If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, please let the Front Desk/Reservations know at the time of booking. Not all of our therapists are registered Blue Cross providers, nor do all the treatments ‘qualify’ for receipts. Be sure to confirm with your insurance provider if your selection of massage treatment at White Point meets your insurance companies criteria for coverage and receipts.

Rainforest Enchantment

Luxurious organic vitamin-enriched body wrap detoxifies and re-mineralizes. Enhance natural healing with shea butter and pure tropical oils. Powerful fruit extracts of pomegranate and blueberry provide anti-oxidants, leaving skin enriched with moisture. Pure Bliss!
60 minutes – $118


Refill your energy reservoirs and enhance health and beauty with an algae wrap. Essential minerals and trace elements rejuvenate and revitalize body and soul. For ladies and gentlemen.
60 minutes – $118

Chocolate Joy

Indulge in a tranquilizing organic body wrap. Sweet plant extracts and vitamin enriched Shea butter create a deep hydration. Pure Happiness!
60 minutes – $118


Deep cleansing and exfoliation. Sea salts and essential oils produce a smooth, glowing sheen.
60 minutes – $88


Draining and stimulating massage for a specific body zone plus the aid of firming skin care. Keep cellulite away!
60 minutes – $94

Hand and/or Foot Treatment

Your hands and feet deserve some special attention. Try our exfoliating rosemary-pine sea salt scrub, combined with a refreshing peppermint or soothing lavender massage.
30 minutes hand or foot – $58 | 60 minutes both – $98

MLD – Massage – Detox and Boost your Immune System

An anti-aging massage which treats fluid retention and releases cellular by-products. Toxins are removed much faster. In stimulating the nervous system, pain is lessened and the body is allowed to help itself. Indications include swelling, puffiness, cellulite, acne, allergies, sinus congestion, headaches, insomnia, rheumatic degenerative pain and other conditions.
30 minutes- $54 | 45 minutes – $68 | 60 minutes – $78 | 90 minutes – $114

Breathe Easy – Sinus Relief

Help your respiratory system and feel well with a releasing Eucalyptus/Hyssop steam followed by a decongesting and detoxifying MLD – Massage. (Not recommended if cold or flu symptoms are present.)
60 minutes – $88 (add a deep cleansing exfoliation for smooth skin – $10)

Sinus Relief Plus more energy with additional Reiki Healing
90 minutes – $116

PACKAGES bundle up and … breath:

Combine Traditional and Modern Massage/mld

Ancient Reiki healing combined with massage. Helps to restore a wonderful balance for mind and body.
30 minutes – $54 | 45 minutes – $68 | 60 minutes – $78 | 90 minutes – $114

Soothing Ocean Whisper

Ocean Wave Facial, Rejuvenating Body Warp & Swedish Relaxation Massage
3 hours | $268

Invigorating Ocean Mist

Refresh Facial & stimulating Aromatherapy Massage
90 minutes | $128

Gentle Ocean Breeze

Rejuvenating MLD-Massage & Balancing Reiki Facial
3 hours – $ 206

*Please Note: If you require a receipt for insurance purposes, please let the Front Desk know at time of booking. Not all of our therapists are registered Blue Cross providers.