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Surfing Lessons with Swell Time Board Co.

Try out your sea legs, grab a board, and ride the waves! Feel like you’re on top of the world, as the swell of the sea roars under your board, and the wind rushes past your face.

Book your surfing lessons directly through Swell Time Board Co., at the link below, and they’ll meet you at White Point Beach to teach you how to ride the waves!

Book Here

How They Coach

“We strive to communicate specific body movements simply and concisely. We believe It is possible to break surfing down into specific skill sets which can be built on top of each other; As you progress your skills and build confidence on a wave, you’ll be sure to have a swell time — every time!”

Does It Work?

“We offer a logical, analytical approach to demystify surfing techniques. This allows people of all ages and abilities to enjoy their experience. During every lesson, you’ll be prioritizing specific skills based on your level — but more importantly, you’ll understand why you’re learning them. Expect us to clearly communicate every step of the way. We love to catch people doing all the right things and channel a positive growth mindset at all times.

All Equipment Included
When booking directly through Swell Time, your lesson will include everything necessary (wetsuit & surfboard) to enjoy your surfing experience — but please don’t forget to bring a dry towel, bathing suit, plenty of water, snacks and a healthy thirst for adventure!

Whether you are new to wave-riding, or interested in improving your skills, we tailor each lesson to suit your individual needs in a safe and friendly environment. Enjoy practicing your wave-riding with confidence, guided by an experienced professional every step of the way.

Book Directly
Book your White Point Surfing lessons directly with Swell Time Board Co. at the link below. For more dates, information, or to reserve rental equipment, please reach out to Swell Time at [email protected] or by phone/text at 902-521-3397.

Our students tell us that the more they improve, the more they enjoy their experience. Whether you are brand new or interested in improving your skills, we tailor each lesson to suit your individual needs in a safe, friendly, and fun environment.” 

More About Swell Time Board Co.
The Swell Time Board Co. is a family owned and operated Nova Scotian business started in 2017 to introduce outdoor recreational activities to people of all ages. Centered in the community of Petite Rivière they service the shorelines of the South Shore, offering individuals and groups opportunities to surf, paddle board, body board and explore the pristine waters off Nova Scotia’s coastlines in a safe, fun and individualized environment.


“We will offer quality ocean experiences that are — above all — exciting! Our combination of specialized education and individually tailored lessons are the secret to your success. Our pledge is to make your experience exciting and safe so you can have a SWELL TIME!” – Johnathan Gregorash, Owner of Swell Time Board Co.

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Children (6-10)
Youths (11-15)