Wedding Preambles and Ever Afters

Wedding Preambles and Ever Afters

The average wedding ceremony lasts under an hour but we try and keep the love (and the laughter) flowing before and after the “I do x 2!”.

White Point Bonfire

Rehearsal Dinners

The maid of honour lost a flip flop, and the groomsmen were still buzzing about their surf lesson…but practice makes perfect! Iron out all the kinks, then join as a family for a memorable meal. We have great options for your Rehearsal Dinner including our charming Oceanside BBQ and Mussel Bakes by the bonfire. Stick around for marshmallows and s’mores. (You can’t do that in the city!)

White Point Breakfast

Farewell Brunch

Aunt Colleen danced until dawn and rumour has it, the ushers went skinny dipping. Start your lives together with stories, eggs sunny side up, and a bottomless pot of black coffee. Mimosa, Aunt Colleen?

champagne and fruit

Wedding Suite Snacks

It’s game day! Jitters and tight dresses aside, the bridal party needs fuel. Let us deliver, fresh seasonal fare, Artisan Cheese Plates, Champagne and truffles, and maybe a comforting peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the ring bearer (and the groom).