The Reception

The Reception

The toast to the bride. The chicken dance. The garter toss. After all the planning and perfecting, this is where you and your guests can unwind, while we shine.

Atlantic Room

Spacious and gracious, our Atlantic Room is a wedding planner’s dream. Flexible enough to handle 20 or 200, we can keep it cozy or fling open the doors and watch fireworks from the Oceanside deck. Choose cocktails and mingling. Buffet or full service. Whatever you decide… let there be dancing! (We have plenty of room.)

Take a ‘virtual’ tour of our Atlantic Room now.


Lakeside Lodge

Tucked in the birch trees, our Lakeside Hall is private and self-contained. Good luck getting your groomsmen away from the foyer bar, but take your time. This is your evening. The canapés are delicious, the fires are lit, and we’ll get 100 people seated eventually!

Take a ‘virtual’ tour of our Lakeside Hall now.