Our location is perfect for outdoor excursions. You can visit nearby provincial parks for hikes, picnics, and birdwatching, or explore the well-known Kejimkujik National Park for camping, canoeing, swimming, and guided walks. Our proximity to so many wonderful open spaces means you can venture out into the great outdoors for the day with plenty of time to make it back to White Point for a nice dinner or to cozy up by the fire!

Summerville Beach Provincial Park, Summerville Centre

Sheltered picnic tables in the open. The one-kilometre beach is backed by sand dunes. As this is a nesting area for Piping Plovers, please remember to keep to designated paths.
Location: 7.7km from White Point
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Pine Grove, Milton

The Bowater Mersey Paper Company provides this park with gravelled walking trails, picnic site, large stand of white pine, and a duck breeding and nesting area.
Location: 12.7km from White Point
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Tupper Park, Milton

On the historic Mersey River, with a spectacular view of the falls and the community. Have a picnic at one of the picnic tables along the river and on the peninsula that juts out into the river.
Location: 15km from White Point
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Kejimkujik National Park Seaside, Port Joli

The Seaside portion of Kejimkujik is noted for its abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery. Hiking along the shore, you will witness the steady procession of shorebirds that migrate through the Adjunct from August to October. We have maps available from the front desk. If you’d like to make it even more interesting, let us pack you a yummy picnic basket to take along so you can sit back and really enjoy your journey!
Location: 21.9km from White Point
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Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, Port Joli

This beautiful park contains secluded beaches, historic sites, interpretive panels, and a picnic area.
Location: 28.9km from White Point
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Kejimkujik National Park, Maitland Bridge

Every season offers something different at Kejimkujik, from the brilliant arrival of spring to the peaceful quiet slumber of winter. Enjoy camping, canoeing, swimming, hiking, biking, and guided walks in the warm weather, or cross-country skiing or skating when snow is on the ground.
Location: 78.1km from White Point
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