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Liverpool, known as the “Port of the Privateers”, was founded in 1759 and boasts a rich shipbuilding history. This beautiful small town, situated where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mersey River, is home to a vibrant arts community, heritage sites, and museums. Liverpool pays homage to its proud past with colourful re-enactments and community festivals throughout the year. The Astor Theatre, one of Nova Scotia’s most active small theatres, also calls Liverpool home.
Location: 9km from White Point.
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Known as the “Main Street of the South Shore,” Bridgewater offers visitors numerous services and conveniences including restaurants, accommodations, a bustling mall, banks, hospital, museums, recreational facilities, and a visitor information centre.
Location: 56km east of White Point.
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Mahone Bay

The streets of Mahone Bay are lined with a unique collection of studios and galleries of some of Canada’s finest artists and craftspeople, specialty shops, and cafés.
Location: 73km east of White Point.
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A town whose rich history and picturesque charm has captured the hearts of many and attracted the attention of the international film industry, Shelburne’s waterfront served as the backdrop for the 1994 movie “The Scarlet Letter” starring Demi Moore and Robert Duvall.
Location: 75km west of White Point.
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One of Nova Scotia’s most historic and beautiful towns, Lunenburg’s colourful waterfront, narrow streets and captivating architecture radiate the unique character of the town’s seafaring heritage.
Location: 81km east of White Point.
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Annapolis Royal

Annapolis Royal is a lovely town offering a captivating blend of heritage and charm that has made it a favourite stopping place. Known for its unique shops, fine inns, artists’ studios, galleries and visitor information centre, Annapolis Royal is full of places to explore.
Location: 145km north of White Point.
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