World Oceans Week at White Point: June 1 – 9
Saturday, June 1st - Sunday, June 9th

W.O.W. … it’s World Ocean Weekend!
We’re surrounded by the ocean and our 91st year spent with our nearest and dearest friend, the Atlantic Ocean! Join us as we take a deep dive into ‘Beautiful Blue’ with a week full of guest speakers, experiences and adventures that will bring you up close, personal and intimate with the ocean. We’re thrilled to join forces with the World Oceans Day organization and Oceans Week Halifax here in Nova Scotia, collectively offering our events among the largest collection of events ever!

Be Sea’Spired!
Get outside and explore our collection of 14 sculptures scattered about along our shoreline, each inspired by the sea. Created by Nova Scotian Artists, each invites you to experience the ocean from a unique and personal way. Perfect for a stroll alone, or as a scavenger hunt for the family – Sea’spired will have you discovering oceanviews you didn’t know existed here at the beach! Available year round, be surprised as you meander – or pick up a copy of the Sculpture Guide from the Front Desk be sea’smitten!
Take a peek at the show guide now.

World Oceans Week at White Point: June 1 - 9 5

Cheers! Sit back and enjoy your Flight … your ‘flight’ of Nova Scotia’s signature Tidal Bay!
Shaped by the sea and her ocean-breezes, in honour of World Oceans Week, June 1 – 9 we invite you to order up a flight of 4 of our favourite Tidal Bay’s from Nova Scotia Wineries. It’s reputation as a crisp and aromatic white is slightly enhanced uniquely by the winemakers of Planter’s Ridge, Gaspereau, Benjamin Bridge and Lightfoot & Wolfville.
Sip and savour your flight , oceanside, here at White Point – a real Taste of Nova Scotia!
PS. Pairs perfectly with our Year of the Lobster features like Lobster Corn Chowder and Lobster Croquettes!
Available June 1 – 9, flight of tastings includes 2 oz of each of our four Tidal Bay’s. $14.35 plus tax

Saturday June 1st: Lobster S’mores!

Allergic to Lobster? South Shore Lobster Crawl has something for everyone!
While it is always Lobster Season in Nova Scotia, the months of the ‘season’ is different depending on where you are. Here along the South Shore – Areas 33 and 34 -our Lobster Season runs from the last Monday of November until May 31. In 2019 we declared it the Year of the Lobster here at White Point. While our season is closed, we’re still serving up lobster and lobster-themed experiences. Join us at the beachside bonfire at 4:30pm on Saturday June 1st to roast and savour our signature Lobster S’mores. Housemade sugar cookies, dipped in milk chocolate with Nova Scotia Sea Salt ready for your perfectly roasted marshmallow! Bet you’ll be wanting s’more…

U3 at WP April 20

Wednesday June 5th: Piping Plover Guardian Walk
CANCELLED as we have lost our nest and U3 & X2 have left …. but we’re watching, hoping, they’ll come back to make a second attempt.
4:00pm meet on the Oceanfront Lawn to get started at 4pm.
Lace up your beach shoes and grab your binoculars and join Wendy, our staff Piping Plover Monitoring Guardian as she introduces you to our pair of endangered Piping Plovers. Banded in 2017, Mom X2 and Dad U3 have been returning to our beach to nest every year since – and they are back for 2019! On May 21st we confirmed they have a nest with 4 eggs – we are cheering for them and hopeful that we will see chicks around Father’s Day!

We’ve been so fortunate to host and be champions for a nest every year since 2012. Now  that we know  X2 and U3 are here an safe, we’re on the look out for their 2017 chick, M0 along with our 2014 banded Plovers, Papa ‘EP’ and his chicks ‘E4’, ‘E2’, ‘ET’ and ‘EL’ .
NOTE: We will be walking to the far end of the beach, sand and cobble stone surface, be sure to wear proper footwear and weather gear. Bring along binoculars (if you have them) and your camera!

by self-taught carver Joan Stephenson

World Oceans Week at White Point: June 1 - 9 1Cod-Offal is a collection of 11 carved cod, caught in shadowboxes. Whimsical, playful, colourful and very ‘punny’, self-taught carver Joan Stephenson says her Cod Collection has been a work-in-progress that got it’s start 26 years ago. Wanting to be included in the Lunenburg Folk Art Festival 26 years ago, Joan says she created this collection from basswood she’d collected from her father’s farm in Maine. With the assistance of her husband, Tom Stephenson, who’d crafted the shadow boxes and custom mixed Joan’s paints, she’d submitted her creations with confidence. To her dismay, the collection was rejected. Disappointed ‘Codhopper’, ‘Cod Damit’, ‘Cod Banks’, ‘Codfather’ and others were tucked away, out of sight – until recently. In honour of World Oceans Day, Joan and Tom have retrieved the collection, dusting them off and finishing three that had been tossed aside, preparing them for their one-day debut at White Point.
You’re Cod-ially invited to come see this unique collection!

SHOW OPENING with special guests, Joan and Tom Stephenson 
Friday June 7th, 7pm – 8pm
Atlantic Room, Main Lodge, White Point Beach Resort
Everyone welcome. Drop by meet the Joan and Tom, and explore Cod Offal!
RSVP by email to [email protected]
(Plan to stick around afterward, Mark Durkee is performing in the Lounge 8 – 11pm)

Cod-Offal Show
Saturday June 8, 9am – 6pm
Everyone welcome.

Saturday June 8th WORLD OCEANS DAY Celebrations
SURF-abration will be back with a twist or two for you to make a splash!
We’re getting INTO the ocean – come along!
It’s FREE – stay and play in the ocean with us.

Surfing, Fishing & Water Sports 3Celebrate World Oceans Day on Saturday June 8th with  introductory, complimentary ways to play in the ocean !
2pm: Join Matt Delong of Candlebox Kayaking

Experience “Whitewater of the Sea”. 6 participants will join Matt at the boathouse at 2pm. Beginning at the Lake and then moving to the ocean, this session will involve white water kayaks !  Oh what fun !!
RESERVE your complimentary spot contact Darlene at White Point’s  Recreation Office   902 354-2711 Ext 395 or email [email protected]

4:15pm: Surf it up with Rossignol Surf Shop!
Join two surf instructors from Rossignol Surf Shop for a one hour surf lesson!  Hang Ten!
8 participants will meet at 4:15 at the Boathouse to suit up, get your board and do some ‘land training’ before heading to the sea for an hour of fun !!
RESERVE your complimentary spot contact Darlene at White Point’s  Recreation Office   902 354-2711 Ext 395 or email [email protected]

Oceanside Garden Oasis
World Oceans Week at White Point: June 1 - 9 2Our oceanside perch becomes a colourful palette as the blossoms of the azaleas and magnolias fade giving way to glorious rhododendrons and Dogwoods. There are some very special gardens in our neighbourhood that you must visit!
On World Oceans Day get out and explore our gardens here at White Point AND those in our area, at these two very unique locations:

World Oceans Day Exclusive: OPEN GARDEN at the home of Christopher Clarke
Saturday June 8 1pm – 4pm at 34 Bootlegger Rd, Liverpool
Christopher grew up in a prominent gardening family in England. When he moved into his current home – situated on Liverpool Bay in 1974 , plantings were fairly modest and in front of and around the house. He planted Cornus kousa in 1975 and it may well be the largest in the province now. Over the years the plantings were predominantly magnolia trees, rhododendrons and azaleas. His friendship with the late Captain Dick Steele who in Christopher’s works,” Had an insatiable hunger to test the hardiness of plants and a lust to see how much cold they could stand,” is evident in his garden. He still finds room to add to his extensive collection although he will admit, “Finding room for that newly acquired beautiful Black Magnolia, is challenging!”

Pine Grove Park – OPEN YEAR ROUND but stunning in Spring!
Located at 44 Hwy 8 where Liverpool meets Milton
Owned by the Region of Queens Municipality, this park is just under 50 acres with 3 km of walking trails. Situated on the bank of the Mersey River it comprises a mature white pine stand with a wonderful ground cover of native plants – and a spectacular carpet of lady slippers. Add to that majesty, the fact that in the 1980’s its former owner Bowater Mersey Paper Company developed a community garden. Partnering with the Atlantic Rhododendron Society and more particular, Captain Dick Steele and his daughter Diana, well over one thousand plantings have been made. During late May to the end of June, this park is a blaze of colour as azaleas and rhododendrons come into bloom.

Concrete Creations – OPEN YEAR ROUND accented beautifully in Spring
4122 Sandy Cove Road, Rte 3 in Brooklyn
Meander along the paths discovering dozens of magical, mystical and magnificent concrete sculptures accented delightfully by blossoms nurtured and cared for by the artist and horticulturalist Ivan Higgins of Cosby’s Garden Centre.

Coffin Island LightSunday June 9th: Boat Tour & Picnic to Coffin Island
Noon – 3pm

Celebrate World Oceans Week by getting out on the ocean and visiting Coffin Island in Liverpool Bay with us! We’re heading out on the JKC with Lobster Fisherman Captain Brad Crouse from his home port of East Berlin Wharf. Landing on the Island for Lunch (included) we’ll set off an adventure to explore the cobblestone shoreline of the Island, discovering the shorebirds and maybe hike to the Lighthouse. Linger longer around the bonfire roasting marshmallows and s’mores as Capt. Crouse recalls tales from being out at sea, working and living here in this bay!
Cost: $65 plus tax, includes Boxed Lunch, return trip to Coffin Island from East Berlin Wharf
Min 8ppl, Max 12ppl
Pair it with your overnight stay call to reserve at 800-565-5068 ext 1.