World Migratory Bird Day: Sat. May 12
Saturday, May 12th

Join us as we head out & about here at White Point to explore and sight birds migrating back along our shoreline for the nesting season. From the rich tidal estuary to our marsh and sand flats to the ocean, we’re teeming with featured friends. With fingers crossed, we’ll also be able to look in on our Piping Plovers!

This year we invite you to learn all about E-Birding and become an active contributor to it. We’ll have folks from Bird Studies Canada join us to give us an orientation to the online monitoring program and get you set up so you can participate. Before you know it, we’ll have all of our birds sighted and reported so we can keep a closer eye on who is dropping in, when and how they are doing.

Hope you’ll join us for this fun, interactive and outdoor weekend of exploring and learning about migrating birds here along the South Shore and at White Point.

3:00pm: Make a Bird Feeder with Becky from Ducks Unlimited.
We’re thrilled to have Ducks Unlimited partner with us and we’ll learn about their programs and projects happening in and around the South Shore. Bring the whole family and have some fun while learning about neat projects from Ducks Unlimited and how to use e-Birding!

4:00pm: e-Bird? Yes. Come learn all about eBird AND add your sightings!
Hosted by Mary Dahr, a birding enthusiast, friend of the Nova Scotia Bird Society and a member of our White Point Team
Millions of people everyday around the world participate in bird watching and contribute their findings to eBird. Photos, sound recordings and more are collected, and shared. You can participate and help add the to collection of information about birds – species, flight paths, and more. Seems everyone has a smart phone or a computer these days, and now you can add to the international awareness and inventory of when and where birds are seen, around the world.
It’s easy to access – and contribute – and it’s a lot of fun!