Our final stop for S’more Canada-eh! is Nunavut & Northwest Territories
Saturday, December 23rd

Oh Canada, you’ve never tasted so S’more!
Saturday December 23
In honour of our 150th Anniversary of Confederation, we’re embarking on the “Great Canadian S’more Challenge”,  roasting our way across Canada, one Province at a time, in search of their twist on the most popular bonfire treat of all times … the S’more!

Throughout 2017, each month we will introduce a Province and a S’more creation – infused with a taste of Canada into our bonfire experience.

Next up, our final stop in our cross country s’more adventure… we head to Nunavut & Northwest Territories
Chef hasn’t revealed his showcase for Saskatchewan yet, but based on his twists and salutes to all the other provinces so far – we know it will be GR8!  Join us at the Bonfire for 4:30pm as we reveal and roast our June feature as we continue our S’moring Adventure across Canada.

What will the next month be? We have lots of ideas, but of course we welcome suggestions too!

Where will we S’more our way to next and what Province will we visit?
We’re looking for suggestions and ideas, please feel free to share them with us.
So, what do you suggest, what kind of S’more is uniquely…

  • January: Nova Scotia – we’ve got this one covered already ‘Dark ‘n’ Stormy’
  • February: Newfoundland & Labrador we loved Mousse S’more!
  • March: New Brunswick – maybe maple? NOPE! It was S’more Poutine.
  • April: Prince Edward Island – Green Gables was served and savoured!
  • May 13: Quebec … maple infused Trop Erable was simply divine.
  • June 17: Ontario, oh those Beavertail S’mores  were sooo good!
  • July 9: Manitoba … the S’hmoo S’more was delicious!
  • August 27: Saskatchewan … Saskatoon Berries ?!?!
  • September 16: Alberta just might get beefy!
  • October 21: British Colombia – maybe a Nanaimo S’more?
  • November 11: Yukon, there’s golden glows all around
  • December 23: we’re heading North featuring Nunavut & Northwest Territories

S'more Canada at White Point Beach ResortWhy S’more Canada, eh?
Here at White Point we make s’mores all the time – at the beachside bonfire, at the lakeside campfire, by the Main Lodge fireplace, and some guests even make their own in cottages that have open fireplaces!
Our signature White Point S’more is the traditional roasted marshmallow, with a layer of chocolate squeezed between two wafers – with Peanut Butter – so yummy! In 2015 we declared it the ‘Year of the Marshmallow’, experimenting with unique Taste of Nova Scotia twists on homemade marshmallows and treats that included roasted marshmallows. It was hugely successful and gave birth to our Taste of Nova Scotia S’mores Bar offered at special events. Bonfires are a very important aspect of experiences here at White Point – everyone is drawn to the fires, afterall, the bonfire is the original ‘Social Network’!

We’re looking forward to the adventure ahead, hope you are too!