Leave your mark – Where ya from?
Thursday, December 20th - Monday, December 31st

In honour of our 90th Anniversary, we’re inviting guests from all over the world to leave their mark here at White Point, Nova Scotia! They are helping us create a ‘Where ya from’ sign post. Adorned with handmade signs by families while they are here, we’re adding hometowns until the end of 2018.

Want to leave your mark in our 90th?
Drop by our Recreation Department and let the team know – we’ll give you everything you need to leave your mark, just like these families have from Denver, Colorado; Vancouver, BC; Marshfield PEI; Blantyre, Scotland, Orlando, Orange County,  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan … we’d love to add you too!

Drop in and leave your mark … YOU were here in 2018, in our 90th Anniversary Year.