International Piping Plover Weekend: May 2 & 3
Friday, May 1st - Sunday, May 3rd

Weighing in at under 6 toonies, and less than 17 cms in length yet capable of flying more than 2800 miles away … this weekend is in honour of the Piping Plover!
Come learn about the Piping Plover!
Saturday May 2: 3 – 4:30pm
Connecting White Point, Nova Scotia to Eleuthera, The Bahamas – the flight of one of our 2014 Baby Piping Plovers (Gry ‘E4’ )
Join our special guest, Todd Pover of Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey for an afternoon exploring the international travels of these little birds. Todd spotted one of our babies, ‘E4’ and photographed him/her on Eluthera, the Bahamas in January of 2015. We’ll also head down the beach here at White Point to explore and learn about the nesting grounds of Plovers.

On Sunday, May 3: 10am – 4:30pm – we host our first International Piping Plover Day!
This International gathering is for those invoved with, or interested in knowing more about the banding, stewardship programs and research related to the Piping Plover.
See all the details and the Agenda, and please plan to join us.
Registration is FREE, just RSVP to [email protected] or call us at 1.800.565.5068 ext 1.

Of course this weekend, we will be offering our daily children’s programs, nightly beachside bonfires & marshmallow roasts and performing in the Lounge, Shawn Hebb is here Saturday evening.


A Bit of our Story & Journey
Each year since 2012 we have welcomed a pair of Piping Plovers, who have chosen our beach for their nest. It has been our honour to help protect and be stewards of these endangered little birds as they have hatched and raised their young here. Checking in, typically, late in April, they raise their fledglings here on our beach (we are but 1 beach, there are several others!) and check-out by end of July, heading south for their wintering grounds.  In each of the years, we have successfully fledged up to 4 chicks.

In 2014, thanks to our partners at Environment Canada and Bird Studies Canada, for the first time our 4 babies and 1 adult were banded in June shortly after they were born. In July, they began their migration … in November one of our babies were sighted in Cuba, where he was sighted two more times as recent as March 29. Another was seen in Florida, and a third ‘E4’ on Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. ‘E4’ was photographed and monitored on a beach by researcher Todd Pover of Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey. Read all about it here.

We’ve been connecting with Todd and have invited him to Nova Scotia, and White Point to help share the story of these amazing little birds – our family. We’ve partnered with Sue Abbot, Nova Scotia Program Coordinator for Bird Studies Canada and Environment Canada to create ‘International Piping Plover Day’ as a one day event to celebrate the partnerships that are working to raise the awareness and support of the Piping Plover. We are also thrilled to have learned that the President of Bird Studies Canada, Steven Price will also be joining us.

As we write this today, April 13th, we await the possible return of the plovers to our beach – we don’t know if we will be selected again, but fingers are crossed – we are looking forward to hosting this unique, first of its kind day here in Nova Scotia.

Update April 24: Confirmed sighting of EP, the Father from last year has returned to White Point and is presently involved in a Plover love Triangle. Read all about it, and see the pictures now.