Coastal Discovery Stroll – where the sea meets the trees
Saturday, June 23rd

Discover and explore our coastline, intimately!

We’re kicking off summer with a very special experience made possible with our neighbours and partners at the Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre in Port Joli, with a couple of very special guests, we hope you’ll join us.

Where the Seas Meet the Trees: Coastal Forest Ecology Walk & Talk
with Naturalist and retired Acadia University Professor Soren Bondrup-Nielsen and Jessica Bradford of the Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre
Saturday June 23 at 3:30pm at White Point
Join the Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre on a guided nature walk through White Point’s coastal forest ecosystem.
As we meander along the trails and coastline, we’ll explore
1) the various conditions affecting coastal forests such as fog, wind and salt spray,
2) different plants in the coastal zone,
3) animals that can be encountered (e.g. porcupines, bobcat, white-tailed deer, red squirrels, mink, weasel, deer mice, birds), and 4) the role of insects and fungi in creating the conditions that maintain this important ecosystem.
And of course soak in the nautural beauty of this seaside perch we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with guests for 90 years.

We are incredibly delighted to welcome Mr. Bondrop-Nielson to White Point. He is the Author of several publications including:
~ Merging: Contemplations on Farming & Ecology from Horseback
~ A Sound Like Water Dripping: In Search of the Boreal Owl
~ Winter on Diamond: An encounter with the Temagami Wilderness
~ Winter Nature: Common Mammals, Birds, Trees and Shrubs of the Maritimes
He has many interests. Professionally he’s an ecologist that studies nature and teaches about nature but most of his interests, hobbies really, also involve nature. Camping, hiking, horseback riding, and sailing along with raising sheep are cited among his passions.