Birch Bark Canoe Building: Public Demonstrations & Workshops at Keji
Monday, September 2nd - Sunday, September 8th

This summer, step back in time here in Kespuwitk with our friends at Parks Canada and Todd Labrador.

The canoe is an iconic symbol of the Mi’kmaw cultural landscape and also of the contemporary experience of Kejimkujik. The Kejimkujik Birch Bark Canoe Project highlights the work of master Mi’kmaw craftsman, Todd Labrador, Waterdancer’s Mi’kmaq Arts, as he builds traditional birch bark canoes in Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, Parks Canada


Meet Todd Labrador 
As a seventh-generation Mi’kmaq from the Kejimkujik region, Todd Labrador carefully crafts birch bark canoes with bark, spruce root, and other natural materials that are sustainably harvested in local Acadian Forests. His great-grandfather was a master canoe maker, and Todd taught himself how to build canoes after his own father passed away. Today, Todd Labrador is renowned for his work and is one of the most highly sought after craftsmen for his skills.

| Birch Bark Canoe Demonstrations |
Witness the ancient craft of birch bark canoe-building in person with Todd Labrador and his apprentices. Public demonstrations offer a ‘drop-in’ authentic Mi’kmaw cultural experience, complete with beautiful views of Kejimkujik Lake. Visitors and members of the Mi’kmaw community are encouraged to gather around the canoe-building shop at the far end of Merrymakedge Beach, ask questions, tells stories, and share knowledge. Each day offers a different stage of the canoe building process, so come often and spread the word. #kejibbcanoebuildingproject

Demonstration Dates and times:
Thursday – Sunday from 2 to 4 pm
June 6 – July 14, July 25 – September 8  *No drop-in hours from July 18 – 21
Fee: FREE with regular entry fee
Ages: All ages welcome
Location: Merrymakedge Beach, Canoe-Building Shop
Parking: Merrymakedge P4 – follow posted signs to the shop
Notes: Demonstrations are offered rain or shine.
Reservations: Not required.
PLUS … | Workshop Details |
Learn the ancient art of birch bark canoe building with master Mi’kmaw craftsman, Todd Labrador. Relax on the misty shore of Kejimkujik Lake sipping a cup of tea with Todd as shares his story and passion. Then step inside the workshop for a hands-on experience helping Todd in the construction of his latest masterpiece. You’ll be boiling, stripping, and splitting spruce roots or using a draw horse to make wooden pegs for the gunwales of the canoe in no time. Best of all, for your efforts and to end your visit you’ll be treated to a delicious lunch with a healthy serving of traditional stew and Luski.

Dates and times:
Sundays, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
June 9, 16, 23 and 30, July 7, 14, 28
August 4, 11, 18, 25, September 8
Fee: $65/person. Parks Canada entry fees apply.
Ages: 18 and up
Max Capacity: 6 people/workshop
Location: Merrymakedge Beach Canoe-Building Shop
Parking: Merrymakedge P4 – follow signs to the shop