White Point’s 90th Summer is on Fire, figuratively

White Point’s 90th Summer is on Fire, figuratively

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Tuesday August 21, 2018 – After 90 years, the magic of White Point Beach Resort continues to attract visitors from around the world to Nova Scotia. Having kicked off its 90th Anniversary earlier this year on New Year’s Day, the year-round resort says 2018 has been a great success, it’s on fire, figuratively speaking.

Proudly rolling out its 1km oceanfront welcome mat for 90 years, White Point Beach Resort has been a place of refuge, family celebrations, anniversaries and retreats. Since opening in 1928, she’s weathered many challenging times including the Depression, Wars, storms and even fire, yet White Point has risen to be a legendary icon and economic driver for Nova Scotia and especially its community.

In the early days, 1930’s until the late 80’s, the Resort was a summer-only property, operating 86 days a year welcoming between 2,500- 4,500 overnight guests. Jumping ahead to 2018, over that same 86 day period, those numbers rose to 23,000 overnight guests. Ongoing expansion of the property through the years and efforts over the past 30 years continued to strengthen the Resort and has cemented its appeal as a year-round destination.

Flipping through the pages of the company’s original Minute Book, Veinotte says you get a sense that while time has passed, not much has changed. “The magic of White Point and the joy it has brought guests has remained a constant, as has the ebb and flow of the business. In the early 1940’s, Howard Elliott, the Resort Manager at that time, reports frequently that the weather was an issue and ‘unfavourable publicity based on fantastic tales’ was impacting guest experience and the business” she adds with a chuckle, “and that was before Facebook and Twitter.”

The Minute Book references ongoing investment in the property says Veinotte adding, that’s a tradition they’ve kept alive and well in 2018. “So far this year, nearly $700,000 has been reinvested in White Point including the addition of 2 new oceanfront cottages built locally and a 2 bedroom main Lodge Suite. Due to demand for waterside events, we’ve just opened a new Lakeside Lawn event venue and undertook a number of enhancements on the Golf Course this year in partnership with our Club Membership.”

Veinotte says her team of more than 200 employees enjoys welcoming both first-timers and long-time guests. Affectionately referred to as White Pointers, about 50% of guests at the Resort have stayed before, more often than not several times over the years. Many have even shared their memories and photos with Rick Conrad and Len Wagg for their recently published book, ‘White Point Then & Now’.

Curating great days is in our DNA says Veinotte. “We’re proud to be inspired by Nova Scotia and our closest neighbour and friend, the Atlantic Ocean. Our repertoire of dozens of musicians featured on our stage is complemented by more than 100 local artists in our Gift Shop and 19 more showcased in our 90th Anniversary outdoor sculpture show Sea’Spired. Then we’ve got dozens of partners who help us create and deliver great days – it’s incredible really. We’ve got our Taste of Nova Scotia partners to Vinal Smith and Brad Crouse who help us offer fishing experiences and Greg and Brenda Sutcliffe of Chestnut Hill Farms who deliver our Apiary program in the garden. There’s our Dark Sky interpreter Paul LaLonde who joins us for our Stellar Beach Feasts and author Vernon Oickle who shares Ghost Stories at the bonfire.” The list she says is lengthy, expanding daily and is as dynamic as their community.

In recent years they have worked with members of Acadia First Nation to celebrate and honour the rich indigenous heritage of the area. Building on past activities, they’ve offer weekly experiences during the past couple of summers and on October 13th during Mi’Kmaq History Month they’ll host a Mi’Kmaq Mawiomi as well.

While the Minute Book doesn’t reference it, the living shoreline of White Point has certainly been an important part of their guest experience. The cobble beach of winter months is transformed annually with the return of several feet of sand over the course of the summer months, a phenomenon much like a ‘facial’ for the beach. It’s this natural evolution of the beach, shaped by storms and tides, and repeat guests like the endangered Piping Plover, that surprise and delight even those who have worked at White Point for years.

White Point Beach Resort’s 90th calendar of festivities continues until the end of 2018, culminating with their annual New Year’s Celebration. As they gather for their final quarter of what’s shaping up to be a record year, they’re already looking ahead with plans for their centennial in 2028. For a complete list of all the events, visit www.whitepoint.com.


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