White Point invites you to visit Sable Island, without leaving Nova Scotia

White Point invites you to visit Sable Island, without leaving Nova Scotia

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Sable Island 2017January 8, 2018, White Point, Nova Scotia – While most Canadians will never have the opportunity to step foot on the mysterious and sensitive Sable Island National Park Reserve, thanks to a partnership between Parks Canada, the Sable Island Institute and White Point Beach Resort, it can be experienced virtually here in Nova Scotia. On January 20 and 21, a series of passionate presenters with intimate knowledge about the Island will be at White Point Beach Resort to share their insight and bring Canadians closer to this national treasure 300 kms away from Halifax in the Atlantic Ocean in a ‘Salute to Sable Island’.

An all-star line up of speakers has been assembled for the 2nd annual symposium focusing on Sable Island and the work of Sable Island Institute. Helping White Point curate the weekend program is Island resident and researcher Zoe Lucas and Parks Canada’s Alannah Phillips.  Lucas, champion and steward for Sable Island since first arriving there in 1971 and Phillips, Sable Island Park Reserve Manager, are perfectly positioned for their roles. Together with Together with Darlene Norman, White Point’s Recreation Director, they are excited to announce the event line-up for Salute to Sable Island promising to give guests a chance to virtually explore the Island, intimately, without leaving a single footstep in the sand.

sable island benefit dinnerZoe Lucas says she’s delighted to be partnering with White Point and Parks Canada again in 2018. “Sable Island is such an incredible, inaccessible and sensitive oasis that needs, and benefits from protection. Since so many will never step foot on the Island, I know that we need to give Canadians tangible and meaningful ways to interact with and experience her, without impacting her. This weekend does just that.” Lucas says attendance by 150 guests at last years 2 day event and a sold out benefit dinner raising $7000 for the Sable Island Institute, indicates this approach is working.

Guided by guest feedback, this years line up includes 9 different presentations by 11 speakers along with a Benefit Dinner with special guest speaker Zoe Lucas on the Saturday evening with proceeds supporting the Sable Island Institute.

Opening the symposium will be Alannah Phillips, offering developments around the Sable Island Management Plan and 2017 initiatives. Parks Canada Ecologist Dan Kehler has been working on Sable Island enthusiastically for just over a year and will offer a peek into the Island’s ecology, its integrity and future.

Enthusiastically received last year, organizers say they are delighted to have Charles Burke back again and say he’ll be revealing new findings from his work on Sable Island as the Senior Archaeologist with the Archaeology and History Branch of Parks Canada. The Island’s lighthouses will be illuminated as representatives from the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society give these aids to navigation a voice though the Lightkeepers of Sable Island.

Day two of the event continues with presentations from Andy Horn, an ornithologist with a long standing relationship with Sable Island. As an active member of the Green Horse Society and now a founding member of the newly formed, multidisciplinary organization, Sable Island Institute, he’ll provide an overview of the transition to the new organization and its mandate, and how the public can become involved.

Rounding out the program is a session dedicated to the most famous resident of Sable Island, the horses. In his session entitled ‘Who’s your Daddy’, geneticist Tim Fraser will give an insightful look into the genetics of what makes these horses unique and explore what the future may hold for them.

sable islandThose fortunate to visit Sable Island, come away moved by her majestic windswept and strong, yet vulnerable existence. Darlene Norman says they have intentionally integrated artists into the program in an effort to better help guests feel the pulse of the Island. “In addition to having works by photographer Damien Lidgard and fibre artist Suzanne Gunn exhibited throughout the weekend, we are thrilled to have illustrator Susan Tooke, author and poet Janet Barkhouse, and musician Susan Crowe as our guests for a session entitled, Inspired by Sable: An Artist’s Perspective” says Norman. Rounding out the artistic showcase is a special viewing of a short documentary by Drew Doggett.

Salute to Sable Island is part of White Point’s 90th Anniversary schedule of events taking place throughout 2018. This weekend event scheduled for January 20 and 21st, is available as an overnight package that includes all presentations, the full schedule of events including the Benefit Dinner, breakfast and accommodations. For those interested in attending the presentations only, there are a limited number of complimentary tickets available. Tickets for the Benefit only are also available. Ideal for all ages with an interest in Sable Island, more information can be found online at whitepoint.com or by calling the Resort.
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