White Point’s beach changes with the seasons in Nova Scotia

White Point’s beach changes with the seasons in Nova Scotia

As the seasons change, the sands and beach here at White Point  change too – very dramatically!

Humpback is located on right hand side of this picture, right in the middle of the image and it's long tip is just peeking out from the sand.In the summer, we celebrate the replenished soft, white sandy beach that we are famous for. 1km length of pristine and naturally stunning white sand beach – all thanks to Mother Nature!

While we celebrate this natural wonder from about mid-May – September, the beach doesn’t always look like this.(Humpback rock is visible here on the left side of this picture above – she’s a long solid piece of basalt. You’ll also notice all the other rocks around her, they are barely visible as well in the Summer.)

The hurricane seasons annual return in September and the turbulent pounding of the winter storms of the Atlantic Ocean through to April, all take their toll on our delicate white sand, to the point that it strips us nearly bare by mid-January.  A natural shifting, cleaning and formation of new sand comes with the tumbling of the rocks along the beach edge.

'Humpback' rock in June, 2010Outcroppings of basalt and a rock formations begin showing themselves and like a measuring stick, we are able to see the shifting of the sands.

Now – in the winter, it’s a totally different beach. Indeed the hurricanes that come up our coast have strong currents that slowly but shortly over the course of winter remove our white sand, depositing off the coast on a shoal and doesn’t stop until at least May or June.

Here is a shot of ‘Humpback’ rock in early June. In less than 2 months, more than 2ft of sand returns to our beach. It is not until August each year that we enjoy the full beauty of the white sand.

Indeed, the shifting sands of White Point are upon us, in fact year round!

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