6th Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby
Saturday, May 30th

Hey Kids, get your rods ready!

Schedule for the Derby
Registration: 8:00- 8:45am at the Boathouse
Fishing Derby: 9am – 11:30am along the shoreline of Five Rivers at White Point
Shore Lunch & Prizes Awarded: 11:00 – 12:00, Boathouse/Lakeside Bonfire

For 15 years and under, and those 16 years and  older at heart (but you’ll need a license!).
Registration is FREE – with no maximum number of registrants!
Register for the Derby by Calling 1.800.565.5068 ext 1
Make it an overnight getaway, BOOK ONLINE now.

We are going back our roots again next summer- our roots as a hunting & fishing lodge that is.

In 1928, Phillip Hooper Moore, opened White Point Lodge to welcome folks from all over North America. The men came for the big game hunting and fishing while their families came to enjoy beach fun and games- often staying for the entire summer. He was also pivotal as one of the founding members of Nova Scotia Guides Association- which is still active today.

Gone are the days when folks come for the entire summer (except for our year-round vacationers- the bunnies!) but we’re delighted to work with local fishing guides and our many sponsors to rekindle the spirit of Philip again for our 6th Annual White Point Kids Fishing Derby on May 30th! 

Big thank you to our Sponsors and Partners in creating and hosting this fun family event on Five Rivers here at White Point,
Nova Scotia Guides Association, especially Vinal Smith!
Hope you’ll join us!
Make it a weekend getaway OR if you live in the area- come out and have fun.
Bring the family for a fun fishing weekend on Five Rivers, here at White Point.