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White Point Vacation Club

Vacation ownership is the fastest growing part of the hospitality industry. Satisfied families throughout the world have committed to great vacations every year through membership in our vacation club located within White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia, Canada.

But, unlike many vacation clubs, White Point Vacation Club is a part of a multi-purpose resort. We are changing nothing about White Point Beach Resort at all — you still enjoy all the great amenities, restaurants, bar, golf course, boathouse, etc. You can still be pampered in the Spa and enjoy the wonderful family fun of the Boathouse and the games rooms. It’s all still here for you.

What’s different is that we are allowing you to control the largest part of your vacation expense — the cost of your lodging. Your membership in White PointVacation Club effectively locks in most of your lodging cost at today’s prices. It might even upgrade your accommodations at White Point Beach Resort — depending on where you have been staying with us over the years.

And here’s the best part! It has come to our attention that some of you actually vacation somewhere else from time to time — we were shocked to learn that, but we have listened carefully. White Point Vacation Club has a Gold Crown property within Resort Condominiums International (RCI) in order to help you use your membership in the White Point Vacation Club to send yourselves on vacation wherever and whenever you want to go.

Our vacation club calendar allows you to join at a level that works best for you. You decide who you would like to bring on vacation with you and then settle in to luxurious modern accommodations at Nova Scotia’s best known beachfront resort.

Already a White Point Vacation Club Owner? Enjoy even more time here at your home resort with our exclusive Bonus Stay Program.

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