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The Happy Sessions

Get Your Life Back & Reclaim The Power Of Your Authentic Self.


This is Anne’s signature event. It’s powerful, it’s emotional, and it sells out fast!

Happy people are generally found to be healthy, sociable, flexible, creative, resilient, tolerant, and have a great capacity for love and forgiveness. It is interesting that something so simple remains so elusive for so many.

True happiness is not related to external pleasure or consumption, but is a by-product of emotional intimacy, spiritual meaning, and unconditional love.

Until we become aware of our soul’s calling and develop a deep sense of self-compassion and soul-reliance, we will always feel like something is missing in our lives.

The Happy Sessions are based on an individual’s deep inner need for healing, inner meaning, and “soul-realization.” This life-altering weekend will crack you open and bring you back home within yourself where the real you lives, softening the edges of your hurt, your grief, your confusion. The program is designed to dive deep into the soul of your being, to reconnect with your body as the vehicle your soul chose for this human adventure, and to give you multiple invitations to let go of the old wounds that are holding you back from living the life you deeply desire. The meditations, conversations and exercises, all based on Anne’s best selling book Be Feel Think Do, will support you in embodying your spirituality, at a cellular level, and in reconnecting with a life-force within that, when reignited, will awaken your body and your mind to a joy, a peace, and a freedom that will leave with you after the weekend.

During the program we will consider different models of understanding from the wisdom traditions of Vedanta and Huna, new research in epigenetic and positive psychology, as well as the teachings and energy of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Includes “Playing with Presence” with guest teacher Nancy Regan, bestselling author of From Showing Off to Showing Up.

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Led by Hay House author and spiritual teacher Dr. Anne Berube, this spirit-affirming, transformational program is offered at beautiful White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia, Canada. The ocean, the land, the trees, the moss… all echo the processing we do and hold us, help us to remember our divinity, our true nature. To be able to do this kind of work on a property like White Point is a magical gift to all who attend.

Single occupancy rates starting from $1504/per person*. Double occupancy rates starting from $1304/per person*, if both guests are attending the workshop.

Package Includes:
Accommodation for 2 nights
All meals; from dinner on your arrival day, to lunch on your departure day
Access to amenities and complimentary programs offered during your stay
The Happy Sessions with Anne Berube and special guests
Welcome gift
Opening reception with hors d’oeuvres

*Conditions: Rates are based per person, in a White Point Room. More accommodation rates available. Based on availability. Plus tax and taxable service charge.

To book, please call 1.800.565.5068. Itinerary Below


During this weekend program you will:
Deepen your experience of self love
Learn how to connect with your own unlimited source of joy
Learn to tap into the creative dimensions of your being
Reconnect your identity, with your “I Am” essence
Practice techniques for healing suppressed emotions and resolving limiting beliefs
Connect with your ultimate calling: your spiritual reason for being here


The program includes the following activities and exercises:
Authentic and open conversations
Guided meditations and visualizations
Shamanic healing energies
Automatic writing and journaling
Self and soul exploration exercises and contemplation

Although the work is often challenging, the breakthroughs experienced in these sessions are life altering as they help connect us to a deeper, soul-connected, meaningful, and sustainable source of happiness.

You may view the full itinerary at the link below.

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Children (0-5)
Children (6-10)
Youths (11-15)