South Shore Lobster Crawl at White Point
Friday, February 1st - Monday, February 18th

It’s Lobster Sea’son on the South Shore in Nova Scotia AND 2019 is the ‘Year of the Lobster’ here at White Point – a great reason to crawl a’board!

Lobster Season had a delayed start kicking off Dec. 1st rather than the last Monday of November as is the official date AND it continues until May 31 and this year! We’ve teamed up with our partners here along the South Shore to create and host a savoury 3-week event ‘South Shore Lobster Crawl’! Wait until you crack open the exciting events that’ll have you trapped and wanting more as you ‘crawl’ along the South Shore!

 1Think … Lobster Rolls – yes, more than 14 restaurants – including us – offering their unique twist on the Lobster Roll!
Think Art Shows, and even painting classes.
Think sporting events – like Lobster Spiels at the Curling Club – that end with eating lobster!
You’ll be seeing red by the time we’re through.

We’ve been working on our schedule of FUN now, stay tuned but  ‘sea’ what we’ve got in store for you now to sink your claws into here at White Point ….

Feb 1 – 28: Sink your claws into Chef Alan’s Lobster Roll!
Served overlooking the sea at White Point Beach Resort, savour Chef Alan’s Traditional Lobster Roll featuring butter brushed and toasted brioche roll with South Shore Lobster Meat Tossed with old bay, mayo and fresh herbs, slaw, house bread and butter pickles and your choice of side seasonal greens, Caesar, soup or fries!
Available at Lunch only. Price: $24

Feb 1 – 3: Lobster Fishing Excursion!
Go lobster fishing, pick out your lobster for dinner and bring it back for dinner! See all the details and reserve your seat aboard the JKC for an exclusive experience in Canada and only available here with White Point! Space is limited.

Lobster fest weekendFeb 1 – 10: LobsART Show!
Cathie has curated an incredible collection of lobster-inspired works of art by artists within our Winter Lobster Fishing Areas #33 and #34. Explore unique creations from our Artists of White Point, and find something perfect for your home, for Valentine’s Day sifts, upcoming weddings, birthdays and more!

*Feb 2:  Lucy the Lobster will emerge in Barrington in search of her shadow to add her forecast like the Groundhogs do!

Feb 2 & 3: Lobster-paloza at White Point, complimentary with your overnight stay OR day pass!
Sat Feb 2:
> Is it a bird? a plane? NO … wait it’s a LOBSTER flying high above White Point!
Yes, indeed The Kilted Chef, Alain Bosse is a kite enthusiast to say the least and he’ll be here to fly his 21 ft LOBSTER KITE here at the beach!
lobster fishing with white point beach resort> Lobsters Gone Wild: 3:30pm, Atlantic Room
Creator of ‘Fear the Claw’ and ‘Lobster Hug’, dive into the depths of the ocean to explore the seafloor, home to the crustaceans and their critter friends. Jim Walker has been diving in Lobster Fishing Areas #33 and #34 capturing live footage that’ll being you claw-to-claw with the lobsters in their natural habitat, Come learn about life as a lobster and the tales Jim has to share … close encounters with claws and more … with his Lobsters Gone Wild Productions.
> Mysteries of the Ocean: 7:30pm, Atlantic Room
Special Guest, author & researcher, Chris Styles
While lobster have an ‘alien’ look about them, especially with those beady eyes, antennae, claws and shell – they aren’t. But the ocean off our coast they call home, has welcomed some unexplained guests. Chris Styles has been investigating UFO’s since 1993, many of which have been here along the South Shore. Having recorded and researched dozens of sightings and experiences cited by witnesses, including those of his own, he’s documented many UFO encounters. Here along the South Shore the 1967 Shag Harbour incident is considered the most documented and remains unexplained. Being out on the ocean, Chris says fishermen have witnessed many incidents. Having published many papers, books and consulted on several documentaries, including an upcoming Oceans Mysteries with the Cousteau Family, he’ll guide you into the unknown for an out of this world experience.
> Rock around Lucky the Lobster in the Lounge, 8 – 11pm

Sun Feb 3:
> Lobster 101 with The Kilted Chef (TBC)
lobster roll, south shore lobster crawl> 2nd annual South Shore Lobster Roll -Off, 2pm in the Atlantic Room
More than a dozen restaurants from across the South Shore participating in the Lobster Crawl will crack open their best ‘Lobster Roll’ to be judged by our guest panel of taste testers, and one will be crowned BEST Lobster Roll 2019. Cap’t Kat’s of Barrington took home the title last year and they promise to defend it again this year. Come be a part of the competition and ‘taste’ for yourself just how incredible these crustacean creations really are!
Sat. Feb 9: 
> Tales at Sea, 1-4pm, Founder’s Lounge
Join us as the old Salty Dogs come ashore to have a ‘yarn’ about their days at sea, teach you a few knots,  and maybe show you how to build a lobster trap!
> Love Knot creation, TBC
Join us as we warm things up for Valentine’s Day as hopeless romantics learn to tie the traditional fishing knot, the Love Knot. Knots of all sorts have been the backbone of the fishing industry, this session will have you learning a few basics.
Using re-cycled rope from the Lobster Fishing Area #33 here in our backyard, you’ll take home a piece of our lobster heritage.
> 1st Annual 5km LOBSTER CRAWL @ 1:30pm (TBC)
Get the family together and crack open a great day out on the Golf Course! We’re not swinging the clubs – we’re crawling the course! Lace up those shoes/boots, and get the family together for a 5km Crawl along the Coast.
Registration will be free, but sign-up will be required so we know who is coming … and so we have your ‘claw’ ready for you to claim after the crawl! Start/End at the oceanfront bonfire at the Main Lodge, then crawl your way up the driveway, around the golf course and back … voila, it’s the 5km Lobster Crawl IN February !
winter surfing at white point> Lobster Sea’son Winter Surfing Lesson, 2 – 4pm
Join us out on the water for our Beginner Winter Surfing Lesson with East Coast Surf School. Maybe bring your sweetheart and try something new, or simply experience what it must be like to be a lobster in the ocean … in February!
Registration is required, see details now.
> Rock around Lucky the Lobster in the Lounge, 8 – 11pm

Of course there is so much more to float your boat with along the South Shore – check out!


SSLC 2019