Lobster Crawl: Lobster Rolls, Lobster Croquettes & Lobster S’mores!
Friday, February 1st - Thursday, February 28th

Lobster CrawlCrawl on over in February and sink your claws into Lobster!
It’s doubly delicious as 2019 is our Year of the Lobster AND February 1-18 is the South Shore Lobster Crawl!

Join us at Lunch in February to savour Chef Alan’s ‘Traditional’ Lobster Roll!
Served overlooking the sea at White Point Beach Resort, savour our Butter Brushed and Toasted Brioche Roll with South Shore Lobster Meat Tossed with Old Bay, Mayo and Fresh Herbs, Slaw, butter pickles and your choice of Side Seasonal greens, Caesar, soup or fries! Available at Lunch only. | $24

Lobster Croquettes have rolled onto our Dinner Menu to get your started!
Featuring mashed Russets, Lobster meat, green onion, Canronnier cheese and bearnaise aioli
Available at Dinner only. | $11.00

Lobster S’mores?!
Come and get’em Sat. Feb 9th at 4:30pm at the Bonfire!
Yes indeed BUT these are perfect for those CAN’T EAT Lobster! Think housemade cookies – in the shape of a lobster OR lobster claw – dipped in housemade chocolate and sprinkled with Nova Scotia Sea Salt! Roast up your marshmallow, ‘smoosh’ between your lobster cookies and OMG, yummy!
Complimentary when made available.