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All guests must be fully vaccinated to access our property. Learn about our current COVID-19 policies here. 

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Since the advent of COVID 19, there have been many rules established by our provincial government, some prompting more questions than answers. The change on October 4 is no exception. We will attempt to answer a few questions that you may have.
Since March of 2020, White Point has always been at the forefront of ensuring the safety and well being of staff and guests. This has always been, and will continue to be, the priority of everything that we do. Even though some things we did were not always well received, we believe we have been very successful in our endeavour.
In the latest regulation change from the province, as of October 4, we are now required to make sure that all guests over 12 years of age using our food and beverage facilities are fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption. For some reason, according to government regulations, guests only using the accommodation portion of a hotel do not have to be fully vaccinated.
We feel strongly that while this may work for a hotel in a larger city, it really doesn’t work for White Point. Guests of a city hotel have many fast food options nearby where vaccinations are not required. We feel White Point is different. We want our guests to be able to partake in all the facilities of our Resort without having to feel they are constrained in any way. We are therefore insisting that ALL guests of the hotel (with the exceptions mentioned above) are double vaccinated and are able to show proof of same at registration.
We will then provide a branded bracelet for every member of your party, so you won’t have to show your vaccine proof every time you use any of our food and beverage facilities. You certainly have the option not to use the bracelet, but we will ask you to show your proof of vaccination whenever you use our restricted facilities.
You may also ask why this requirement applies to guests and not to staff. Again, we are somewhat mystified by this, but have little choice in the matter. We would like to assure you, however, that the vast majority of our staff have been vaccinated. The availability of vaccine clinics in the rural areas of Nova Scotia have been pretty scarce, with some of our folks having to wait close to a month and having to drive up to 100 km to get their jabs. Therefore, in order to ensure vaccine availability for all our staff, we have arranged with NS Health to have a vaccine clinic at the Resort. Unfortunately, the earliest they have availability is October 12.
We want nothing more than for all of you to enjoy your stay at White Point, but please understand we have to maintain certain protocols to ensure your safety and that of our staff. Please also remember that our staff are just following regulations and have no authority to change them.
Thank you, and together we will get this all behind us soon.
Robert and Alicia.
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