Savour the Seaside: CrabFest 2019

Savour the Seaside: CrabFest 2019

Have you heard of ‘Green Crab’? It’s an invasive species that has become the subject of intense scrutiny – and experimentation – at our neighbours place, Kejimkujik National Park SEASIDE in Port Joli.

Fast becoming an editable invasive thanks to the efforts of Parks Canada’s Gabrielle Beaulieu, Project Manager – Coastal Restoration, Parks Canada, again we had the pleasure of partnering up with her and her Team for Savour the Seaside: CrabFest on Saturday September 21st for a special one-of-a kind salty adventure at Kejimkujik National Park Seaside.

Under a spectacular sunny sky, we joined Gabrielle to get up close and personal with all things coastal including how to cook, prepare and eat green crab ‘bisque’ paired with bay leaf biscuits thanks to Mateus Bistro of Mahone Bay.

East Coast Wild Foods guided us along the trail, pointing out edibles along the way – so much bounty all around us. Arriving at the beach, we discovered and explored local seaweeds – edibles and invasives – OMG, so good!

Boxing Rock Brewery treated us to their ‘Dark as Keji’ Brew in honour of the Dark Sky designation for Keji!

Of course, we went ‘crabbing’ with Gabrielle, seeking out these deceptively, destructive invasive little critters. While seeking them under the cobble along the shoreline would take days to forage enough to have any impact, or garner enough for a meal, we learned about the ‘traps’ local fisherman Russell Nickerson created. Dissecting a few to show us the valuable roe and give us a more intimate look at these grabs that have been giving the coastlines such a challenge.

What a GREAT day, and it was exciting to welcome Linda and her husband – the Winners of our Savour the Seaside: CrabFest Getaway.

Many thanks to our friends at Keji for continuing to create such unique and interesting experiences that bring us all closer to better understanding our environment, efforts to support its sustainability, in such a special place in Canada … that tastes so good!