Companies ‘Bond’ with White Point’s NEW ‘Rising Tide’ Meeting Package

Companies ‘Bond’ with White Point’s NEW ‘Rising Tide’ Meeting Package

In this age of technology, building teams that have synergy, a sense of connectedness to each other and take time to play and laugh with each other is more important than ever before.

Beyond achieving goals, getting the agenda completed and tickling off the’must do’ list, years ago when folks began moving away from ‘team building’ events, we insisted on groups at least gathering around a bonfire.

bonfireBonfires, or campfires, have long been a natural gathering place. Elder Todd Labrador of Acadia First Nation confirmed that fires have been the gathering place for generations of Mi’Kmaq and their ancestors. It’s where they gathered not only for warmth, but for cooking, for light at night, and it was – and is still today- where people speak, and listen to each other – connecting, bonding, face-to-face., naturally.

Bonfires continue to be included within each Meeting Package (and is pretty much a nightly event at the Resort, year-round), intentionally, to keep the spirit of connecting alive.

Over the past couple years we’ve seen an interesting trend – a renewed interest and want to include Team Building Events and experiences into itineraries.
It’s heartwarming and so rewarding to hear laughter wafting from around the fire after a day of meetings from a group.
You have to mix pleasure with business – if you want your team to ‘bond’.

Introducing White Point’s RISING TIDE Meeting Package
Our NEW for Fall 2019 RISING TIDE Meeting Package is built on the philosophy that all boats float with a rising tide. Your Team will leave White Point having bonded, feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the agenda ahead.
For your convenience, this package blends your meeting, meals, breaks, bonfire, overnight stay AND your choice of one of our 3 tested and proven successful Team Bonding Events.
Choose from our customized “Minute to Win it!” (1.5 hrs), ‘White Point Scavenger Hunt’ (1 hr) or a rejuvenating oceanside OR fireside Yoga Class.
Ideal for groups of 35 – 60 people.

Let us work our ‘magic’ on your team, contact Anne Stevens by email or phone at 902-423-8887

Group PackagesRISING TIDE Meeting Package rates:
Until December 23, 2019, starting at $194.00 single, $154.00 ppdo
January 2, 2020 – March 31, 2020, starting at $211.00 single, $171.00 ppdo
Ideal for groups of 35-60 ppl.
*plus applicable taxes and gratuities. Based on room accommodations, ask about cottages!

This turn-key meeting & bonding package includes the following:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner*, per nightly rate
  • Complimentary main meeting room
  • Two nutrition breaks per nightly rate
  • Complimentary basic audio visual equipment
  • Complimentary bonfire & marshmallow roast
  • One complimentary team building event from our “White Point Team Events”  (see below)
  • Complimentary parking
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the resort
  • Access to our extensive recreation facilities and programs

*Nutrition Breaks under the package price consist of fair trade coffee, a selection of teas and include a choice of snack from our Great Day Meeting Menus; basic audiovisual package includes initial room set up, podium and mic, screen, white board and markers. Flip charts and other audiovisual equipment is available for an additional fee.
*Dinner in our dining room includes: buffet (when available), or if ordering from the menu, includes two courses (appetizer and entree, or entree and dessert), and coffee or tea.

“White Point Team Events” 3 to choose from:

  1. White Point Scavenger Hunt
    Programming time: 1 hour / Recommended group size: 6+ ppl
    Original rhymes created for you, contain the clues on what to do.  The poetic quiz of “Can you find” requires both eyes and also your mind. With map in hand and team beside, you’ll roam about our country side. Necessary tools to help you “find” requires your eyes and also your mind. Over the bridge or to the lake, it’s difficult to know which route you’ll take. Themed for seasons or “who knows what”, this one hour experience is a must!
  2. “Minute to Win it”
    Programming time: 1.5 hours /  Recommended group size: 6+ , max of ten teams.
    Much like the popular game show, teams will have 60 seconds to complete the task and win the points. If you want competitive challenges this is for you!  A series of one minute events where contestants use skill, dexterity and intelligence to reach the goal. While a few of the games may require a very short distance “fast walk/trot or run”, the majority are adapted for all physical abilities.
  3. Stretch it out … Yoga
    Programming time: 1 hour / Group of up to 60 ppl
    Yoga derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “Union” or to bring together.  Be it your desire to introduce your group to building strength to balance their minds and bodies, or a guided meditation that encourages full body relaxation, yoga is the perfect way to begins  one’s day or provide a “mindfulness” break between your sessions.  Let us guide your team though a class outside on the oceanfront lawn, or lakeside by the indoor fireplace. (Choose from Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Yoga, Yin & Flow, Yoga for everyone, Mindfulness through Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation)

Ready to get started?
Let us work our ‘magic’ on your team, contact Anne Stevens by email or phone at 902-423-8887