Divers set to explore the Port Mouton’s Matthew Atlantic

Divers set to explore the Port Mouton’s Matthew Atlantic

Friday August 16, 2019 – White Point, Nova Scotia –
Created as an artificial reef to inspire sea life and attract divers to her crystal clear waters , the Matthew Atlantic was intentionally sank in Port Mouton Bay on August 8, 1998. On Saturday August 17th, a team of divers from Lobsters Gone Wild Productions  will explore and document the marine life on this wreck, now 21 years old.

A project of the Artificial Reef Society in partnership with the community and the Region of Queens, the Matthew Atlantic, a 37 metre fishing vessel was scuttled, creating a recreational dive experience in Port Mouton suitable for divers of all levels in 55 feet of water.

Over the past number of years, White Point Beach Resort has partnered with Jim Walker, Creative Director of Lobsters Gone Wild Productions to offer presentations about life below the ocean surface through documentaries and vignettes. During the 2019 Lobster Crawl, guests were treated to a collection of his videography providing them a portal into the life of lobster and their crustacean friends in the Atlantic Ocean.

It was through these encounters that White Point asked if Walker had dove on and captured footage of the Matthew Atlantic that he could incorporate for their presentations. While Walker hadn’t, he’d expressed interest in wanting to, particularly since it had not been documented in many years.

Acknowledging that Nova Scotia has approximately 7000 km of coastline to explore, Walker admits while the beaches are spectacular, he’s partial to the rich and diverse undersea ecosystem that is easily accessible to snorkelers and scuba divers of all levels. “The Matthew Atlantic was sunk as a marine sanctuary 21 years ago, I am very excited to explore and document the ecosystem that has taken hold here.”

While the timeline for the release of the resulting observations and footage are not confirmed officials with White Point Beach Resort are hopeful that they will be ready to be revealed at the 2020 Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl in February.


Peek into the Matthew Atlantic via the lens of ‘ScubaChick’ shared in 2005, view now


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