Allergic to Lobster? Yes, South Shore Lobster Crawl has something for even you!

Allergic to Lobster? Yes, South Shore Lobster Crawl has something for even you!

Lobster Crawl 13Reports are rolling in from up and down the South Shore, the 2019 Lobster Crawl is off to a great start. Kicking off February 1st, it started gaining momentum when Lucy the Lobster saw her shadow on Groundhog Day in Barrington, the Lobster Capital of Canada. On February 3rd Chef Tom Connors of  27 South took the title of Best Lobster Roll in a sweep of 10 competing restaurants in the 2019 Roll-Off from the Festival hosted by The Kilted Chef at White Point.

But we’ve heard rumblings. “What about us? We who are allergic to lobster and shellfish, and those who simply (shockingly) don’t like lobster – is there anything for us?”

To them we say, “Yes, absolutely there are plenty of ‘lobster’ free events for you too!”

Don’t get us wrong, as champions of the South Shore Lobster Crawl, we really do want you to eat lobster. Eat it in rolls, fresh steamed from the shell, lobster eggs benny, linguine and even pizza but they note that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be for those with shellfish allergies. The 18-day festival, on now until February 18th, boasts more than 100 events with more than 2 dozen  of them being allergy-friendly. Go ahead, crawl a’board, don’t let your shellfish allergy keep you away from the South Shore Lobster Crawl.

While eating lobster is definitely a highlight of the 2nd Annual festival, here at White Point and all along the South Shore, there are dozens of allergy-friendly events as well. The Lobster Crawl is a celebration of the regions rich fishing heritage and culture it can be sipped and savoured by everyone.

Allergic to Lobster? South Shore Lobster Crawl has something for everyone!Meet Fisherman, explore art, kick up your heels, and even roast Lobster S’mores – think marshmallows smooshed between lobster shaped cookies, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with Nova Scotia Sea Salt – completely ‘lobster-free’!

Head to Becky’s Knit & Yarn in Lockeport. Hosting a number of knitting events and showcasing her trademarked Locke’s Island Lobster Wool, Becky is hosts ‘knit-ins’, inviting you to enjoy one of the heritage skills of the Lobster Fishery – knitting. Give it a try yourself, or pick up hand knit goodies to keep you warm and if you are lucky, you may cross paths with Capt. Edsel Roache knitting traditional bait bags.

The colourful and drama of lobster fishing has served as the muse for many artists for generations. Appreciate ‘lobstering’ through lobster-inspired art at ADJA Studio and Gallery in Liverpool where artist and lobster fisherman Andrew Danylewich along with Andre Haines. The Lobs’ART Show on until Feb 10th at White Point boasts works by 25 local artists celebrating what inspires them based on what they ‘sea’ here along our shores. In Liverpool there’s the Plaid Cat Gift Gallery and Coastal Queens Place in Port Mouton each featuring locally handmade crafts and art. Amos Pewter in Mahone Bay again showcases their sea-inspired treasures crafted onsite.

You can even try your own hand at creating art inspired by the sea. In Barrington, paint buoys, or join in at Oak Island Resort ‘For the Love of Lobster’ or at the Quarterdeck for their Lobster Paint Nights (there may be lobster to nibble on here, but you need not indulge, and fellow painters will love you for it!). You can even make a nautical rope mat or monkey’s fist or make your own Whirligig in Shelburne.

5km Family Fun Lobster 'Crawl' 1Want something more active, get the gang together for one of the ‘sports’ events. There’s the 5km ‘Crawl’ at White Point Beach Resort on Feb 9th or really immerse yourself in the life and times of a lobster, try Winter Surfing for beginners on the 16th. You can also take a hike – head out to Keji Seaside or inland to the National Park to stretch your legs. While you won’t find lobster served at these events, you will catch glimpses of the lobster fishing industry hard at work – at sea hauling their traps.

When you are ready to kick up your heels and sing along, head to Brooklyn for the Lobster Music Jam, or Oceanstone, Lane’s, White Point among others for live performances. There’s plenty of dances around Valentine’s Day too from River Hills or maybe try your hand at Sea-faring Trivia at Hell Bay

Curious about the fishing industry and what happens after the lobsters come ashore? Get up close with Lobster without eating it at Fisher Direct in Shag Habour when you take a tour of their facility where Tyler and his family ship more than 10 million pounds of lobster to destinations around the world.

For those who want to raise a class in honour of the Lobster Fishing Industry, swing by the Lobster Crawl Craft Beer Festival in Bridgewater on February 9th or pair up a Nova Scotia Spirits Co. ‘Blue Lobster’ infused Caesar.

Allergic to Lobster? Yes, South Shore Lobster Crawl has something for even you!Don’t be fooled by all the love being shared for the Lobster Rolls. While there are some 18 restaurants featuring their twist on the traditional Lobster Roll, most offer a full menu with many more shellfish-free choices during the Festival. Click on over to the Sip and Savour to check out dozens of options.

So go ahead, chart your course for your own hypo-allergenic Lobster Crawl, there’s so much more than ‘lobster in the buff’ to sip, savour and sink your claws into during the 2019 South Shore Lobster Crawl.

Visit to check out the map and ALL the details, for lobster AND lobster-free events!
Allergic to Lobster? South Shore Lobster Crawl has something for everyone! 2