Celebrating our 90th Anniversary… 2018 was GR8!

Celebrating our 90th Anniversary… 2018 was GR8!

philip hooper moore, white point beach resortIn 2018 we turned 90 and what a year it was to be celebrated and shared with White Pointers from around the World! Wonder if Philip Hooper Moore could have imagined the journey he kicked off back in 1928. This special perch on the edge of the Atlantic envelops the essence of Nova Scotia. Maybe it’s the magic of the Atlantic Ocean and her surf kissing our shoreline and the sea-saltiness that reaches into your soul.

The pace of life here is governed by the rhythm of the tides. Serving as retreat, an escape … a place to reconnect with yourself, those you have come to share it with and Mother Nature. After 90 years, White Point has withstood the test of time and continues to be a jewel in Nova Scotia’s crown within Canada’s Ocean Playground.

As GM Joanne Veinotte says, “this place is loved”, and it is. Loved by it’s owners, Robert and Alicia Risley. Loved by those who have and continue to work here – some for 30 years – and by White Pointers, our extended family of guests who have made us their ‘home away from home’.

While 2018 was filled with incredible memories and moments, here are some of those that stood out for us – hope you’ll add your special memories and moments as well, great days at White Point are meant to be shared.

 “White Point has been a huge part of our lives for many years now. Big wedding and grandchildren now loving every minute that we all, three generations, get to spend there every chance that we get! Sure wishing White Point at least another 90 years! Thanks for all of the wonderful times and those still to come.”
Heather Loveridge

2018 was really GR8 …. here are a few highlights ….

2018's GR'8'EST Memories of our 90th Anniversary...90 Years and still growing!
In January at our Open House, surrounded by friends and family, Robert and Alicia Risley, our owners, announced that 2018 would be a BIG year at White Point – and was it ever! Not only did we host a year filled with special events and record breaking number of guests, we invested more than $800,000 in the property. The list is extensive but topping it off for many are the two new executive oceanfront cottages that opened in July and the new 2 bedroom accessible suite in the Main Lodge. The new Lakeside Lawn at Lakeside Lodge has become the new ‘favourite’ for our Brides and Corporate Retreat Planners and the outdoor pool deck refresh was a natural step. Responding to requests, in addition to our traditional wood-burning fireplace options, several cottages now feature convenient propane fireplaces. The list also includes many features that you’d not likely notice – like wi-fi boosters, expanded parking areas, deck furniture, sofa beds, sound systems, and other required, yet invisible, infrastructure enhancements.
At 90, we’re feeling pretty youthful and nifty as we look ahead towards our 100th in 2028 …

seaspiredSea’spired Outdoor Sculpture Show
Sea’spired was an explosion of art like we’ve never seen before at White Point – or anywhere in Nova Scotia. From May 6 – November 18th, a collection of 38 sculptures in all mediums were created and installed by 19 Nova Scotian Artists. Each a unique expression of the SEA, they invited us to explore, discover and experience our seaside property like never before. 14 of the original 38 by 10 of our Artists of White Point remain as a permanent legacy of our 90th Anniversary. Grab a brochure, or scan the QR code and enjoy!

2018's GR8est Memories for us...

White Point Then & Now Launched
Rooted in 1928, we were thrilled to have Len Wagg and Rick Conrad tackle the creation of White Point Then & Now, a retrospective of 90 years of memories shared at White Point. White Pointers shared their photos, their memories and Nimbus Publishing gave the project life. Launched in April at Homecoming Weekend, we celebrate our roots and honour guests who have made us a part of their family and the vision of Philip Hooper Moore, the Bostonian who built White Point. His legacy lives on, and will for many decades to come. Can’t tell you how thrilling it is to see this book on the shelves of Bookstores, and here in our own Gift Shop.

lobster Fishing at White Point Beach Resort, Nova Scotia CanadaLobster Fishing in winter?!
Indeed, thanks to Captain Brad Crouse and his 37 ft Lobster Fishing Boat, we began offering Lobster Fishing excursions ‘in season’, winter! The Lobster Season starts on Dumping Day, the last Monday of November, and continues until May 31 annually. The South Shore is home to the Lobster Capital of Canada, Barrington, our neighbours just down the coastline. In honour of the Lobster Season we also celebrated the inaugural South Shore Lobster Crawl in February – you may recall the Lobster Roll Crawl, or maybe Lucy the Lobster, the shadow seeking crustacean who joined the ranks of weather predicting Groundhogs.  With a slate of Lobster Fishing Adventures scheduled, we’ll kick the 2019 Lobster Crawl Feb 1st, crawl a’board and join us!

Nest of Piping Plover eggs at White Point

Piping Plovers – nesting and loved tiny feathered friends
Mom X2 and Dad U3, our piping plover pair of 2017 returned again in 2018 to nest here with us on our beach. Arriving in late April, they remain until late July-early August. They had a challenging year this year. Having lost their first nest, U3 took a break at our neighbours place in Summerville before returning and attempting a second nest with X2. Regrettably they were not successful.  Since summer of 2012, we have been honoured to welcome and serve as champions and guardians for nesting endangered Piping Plovers. With support of our guests along with Sue Abbott and Bird Studies Canada, we continue raising awareness, protecting the Plovers and monitoring their migration south and back again. Over the past 7 years, in addition to X2 and U3, and their sole surviving banded chick, M0 of 2017, we’ve enjoyed tracking our first banded plover Papa ‘EP’, and his ‘kids’ E2, E4, EL and ET.
Our feathered friends have been sighted as afar away as Cuba, Eleuthera, South Carolina and Florida, and magically find their way back to our shoreline to nest … incredible.

Monarch Butterflies at White Point Beach Resort

Magic of Monarchs  
In September we were captivated by the magic of the endangered Monarch Butterfly. While we’ve been champions of Monarchs for nearly a decade by nurturing and planting Milkweed Plants, the essential food, this year was a bumper crop for these butterflies here at the beach. From Labour Day Weekend well into November, we monitored and shared the journey of some 150 caterpillars. More than 100 beautiful gold trimmed emerald gem-like chrysalises we’re observed hanging off fences, steps and even shelves in our Housekeeping Department. Willing them to succeed and begin making their way south to Mexico, we shared their journey publicly with the help of the Monarch Butterfly Club of the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute.

2018's GR'8'EST Memories of our 90th Anniversary... 1Renewing “I Do” Wows!
Weddings at White Point are magical and we’ve been honoured to host many over the years, each special and unique. One that will stand out for many to come is the Vow Renewal we hosted in September held in honour of our 90th. A dozen couples joined took a leap of faith and embarked on a journey through time – for some it was a milestone anniversary, for others, it was a chance to make their wedding dream come true. For us, it was one of the most magical and heartwarming experiences. From the Rehearsal Party straight through to the cake cutting, it was a celebration of life and love. Coming from all over Atlantic Canada, they may have arrived as strangers but they left as friends… their love rekindled touching each of us in a very memorable way.


White Point Beach Resort aerialAND those are just a few highlights… there’s so many more!
There were the monthly Year of the Full Moon events – the Concrete Creations visit was extraordinary! The enhanced viewplanes along the golf course were welcomed; the Nor’easters of March were delivered destructive blows to the beach and unearthed lumps of coal and relics of our past. The Ark in Bridgewater built us a beautiful display case that now houses historical documents and artifacts. We introduced winter surfing lessons in addition to those of the summer; and we created a ‘Where ya From’ pole that is adorned in hometowns of guests from around the world. World Oceans Week in June saw us introduce kite-boarding, sea kayaking and a special visit to Coffin Island. We are grateful to our partners at Saltscapes who published a 90th Anniversary Keepsake that honours our past as we chart our course forward. The Kids Fishing Derby in May continues to grow annually thanks to our partnership with Vinal Smith and the Nova Scotia Guides Association.

Among the dozens of partners who help us serve up great days, the one which influences us the greatest and most dramatically is the Atlantic Ocean. Shaped by the sea, our living shoreline changes with every season, and is always a surprise.

Of course, it’s with gratitude and appreciation that we have the opportunity to share our oceanside oasis with you, our guests – White Pointers.

Cheers to the moments we made memories in 2018 and to many, many more that will be made in the years to come!