Sea’spired Sculptures – their legacy remains

Sea’spired Sculptures – their legacy remains

Sea'spired Sculptures - their legacy remainsSea’spired – Legacy of our inaugural outdoor Sculpture Show

In 2018 we welcomed our first outdoor sculpture show to White Point in honour of our 90th Anniversary. ‘Sea’spired’, a collection of 38 sculptures by 19 Nova Scotians Artists, enticed guests to discover, explore and interact with art inspired by the sea nestled within our seaside setting. From its opening on May 6th until the show concluded on Nov. 18th, with the Show vinceGuide in hand, guests meandered on their ‘treasure-hunt’ like adventure enthusiastically.

Expanding our showcase of local artists beyond the confines of our Gift Shop was such a pleasure, even more so as we watched families, couples, even groups here for meetings took ‘breaks’, enjoying the show, discovering new artists.

It was such a pleasure to host this incredible collection, so much so that several have been acquired and will remain as a legacy of our 90th Anniversary. While ‘Their Spirits Remain’, Nova Scotia’s youngest petroglyph was unintended to remain, we gratefully accepted ‘Hatching Magic’ from a local friend of White Point. To these two, we added 12 more from the show that will be enjoyed by White Pointers for many years to come.

For your viewing pleasure, we invite you to seek out and appreciate the following 14 sculptures and works of art that are now part of our White Point Collection, ENJOY!

1. Dog Whelk by Marc Graff 
Carved from a local granite boulder, this is Marc’s enlarged rendition of a type of shellfish that lives in our coastal waters. Installed as part of the 2018 Sea’spired Sculpture show, this piece was a natural fit for White Point and this perch.
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2. Saltwater Dream by Marc Graff 
Hand carved from hard local stone, the moored stone dory rides the soft liquid waves of the sea. For many, the soul below honours those who’ve lost their lives at sea. Installed in 2018 as part of our Sea’spired Sculpture Show, it remains permanently now here at White Point.
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3. Wind Comb by Brad Hall 
The anthesis of a sea comb, in constant motion, ebbing and flowing in the sea, serving to clean and filter our oceans. Created from steel and aluminum in honour of our 2018 Sea’spired Sculpture Show, Wind Comb remains as a constant invitation to consider and contemplate the sea.
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4. Hatching Magic by Cheryl Hassen
Installed as part of our 2018 Sea’spired Sculpture Show, this piece was graciously secured and donated for the enjoyment of all White Pointers by friends of White Point Beach Resort. Created from layers of shale rock, dotted with beach glass and three magical clear quartz crystal orbs (eggs), we hope you’ll enjoy ‘Hatching Magic’ nestled within this apple tree.
CONTACT: Spirit Speak Creative Designs
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5. Thar She Blows by Allan Carver 
Known as the gentle giants of the sea, marvel at this giant metal whale tail wind sculpture created by Allan that moves and spins randomly with the breeze. Installed in 2018 within our Sea’spired Sculpture Show, this piece now remains for your enjoyment.
CONTACT: Allan Carver Creative Partners Inc.
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6. Welcoming Sentinels by Beverley McInnes 
“Rustworks” are about seeing something beautiful in the discarded, giving new life to what has been broken and cast out, and seeing worth in what has been deemed worthless. There is value in the valueless. Created from iron, rust, brass, copper and wire allow the five multi-media Welcoming Sentinels to come to life. Installed in 2018 within Sea’spired, our sculpture show it remains for your enjoyment.
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7. Bulrushes
8. Rainbow Fern by Blair Brown
‘Bulrushes’ has been naturally inspired by the sea and look right at home here in the pond at Lakeside.
‘Rainbow Fern’ is a vibrant colourful creation celebrating nature’s beauty, carefully crafted from round bar. Both fit so naturally and perfectly against this backdrop, created by Blair Brown and installed in 2018 within our Sea’spired Sculpture Show.
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9. Flight Study – Ternish by Alexa Jaffurs
What are the elements of flight? Sleek steel playing in the wind, provokes contemplation.
Created from mild steel and stainless steel, Ternish was installed in 2018 within our Sea’spired Sculpture Show, this piece so perfected fit this view plane, it remains for your discovery and enjoyment.
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10. Climate Chaos by Brad Hall 
You need not look far to see that our environment is in a constant state of spiraling chaos. We are not in control but have the ability to control our impact. Made from forged aluminum and rolled, this piece was installed in 2018 within our Sea’spired Sculpture Show. As you pause to enjoy the lake view, contemplate the intent of this creation.
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11. Our Spirits Remain by Elder & Artist Todd Labrador
For thousands of years the Mi’kmaq people traveled the familiar waterways of Mi’kma’li in their birchbark canoes. They were born from and of the land…and still are. Our Spirits Remain depicts an etching of a family traveling along the coastline of what could be White Point, as they likely did for centuries. Created as part of our 2018 Sea’spired Sculpture Show, this piece is carved into this existing granite rock where it will remain for generations to come.
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12. On the Surf by Johanna Knopf 
White Point is a popular spot for surfers to catch the perfect wave. Therefore an ocean/beach scene painted on a surfboard is the best way to express my personal love for the ocean.
Using acrylic paint on fiberglass, this piece was created for our 2018 Sea’spired Sculpture Show and remains in celebration of our ocean and surfers.
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13. Vince, The Fisherman by Blair Brown 
Inspired by those who have made their living out at sea, Vince evolved from a 45 gallon oil drum, pipe and truck parts – weathered and full of character. Tackled by Blair simply to challenge himself, Vince has taken on a personality of his own.  While he may be made from reclaimed steel and parts, since he arrived for our 2018 Sea’spired Sculpture Show, he’s become part of our family. We hope you enjoy Vince as much as we do.
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14. Ocean SEA’t by Justin Dagley
Teeming with ocean life, this chainsaw carved and etched bench is accented by torch burning and cedar stain, along with a clear coat to protect against the elements. Take a SEAt and enjoy the view as guests have since it arrived in 2018 for our Sea’spired Sculpture Show.
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Wind Comb by Brad Hall
Wind Comb by Brad Hall
Saltwater Dream by Marc Graff
Saltwater Dream by Marc Graff

Hatching Magic by Cheryl Hassen Ocean SEAt by Justin Dagley Dog Whelk by Marc Graff Rainbow Fern by Blair Brown Bulrushes by Blair brown Ternish by Alexa Jaffurs Welcoming Sentinals by Beverly McInnes Sea'spired Sculptures - their legacy remains 4 Sea'spired Sculptures - their legacy remains 7