Giants of the Sea: Sea Turtles

Giants of the Sea: Sea Turtles

kaylaThe largest sea turtle on the planet visits Nova Scotia and is in the Atlantic Ocean off White Point and our coastline – who knew?!?!

On Oct. 3rd, Kayla Hamelin of the Canadian Sea Turtle Network had all 45 of us captivated by her 60 minute insightful, informative and multi-media presentation. To say we were thrilled to be partners with our neighbours, the Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre  to host this presentation would certainly be an understatement!

We learned so much about these incredible creatures of the sea. While there are 4 kinds of endangered sea turtles, the Leatherback Sea Turtle is the species that we dove into more deeply.

Did you know Leatherback Sea Turtles …

  • Nests in Trinidad, then swim north in the Atlantic Ocean spending much of the summer here off Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada – travelling more than 1000 kms!
  • Feast on Jellyfish in our oceans – that’s why they come here!
  • The Leatherback is the largest turtles on earth, they grow to be as  long (or tall) as an adult person.

There is so much more you can learn and discover about them, be sure to visit the Canadian Sea Turtle Network website, especially if you are interested in and willing to get involved in the beach monitoring team! See details now.

For more information, connect with our presenter:
Canadian Sea Turtle Network
Kayla Hamelin, Assistant Director, Conservation and Education
[email protected]

Learn more about the Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre and their upcoming programs:
Jessica Bradford, Field Station Program and Development Manager
Harrison Lewis Coastal Discovery Centre | 339 Sandy Bay Road | East Port L’Hebert, NS B0T 1S0 | [email protected] | (902) 440-5503

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