Meet Hannah Hicks – an Artist of White Point

Meet Hannah Hicks – an Artist of White Point

Hannah HIcks artThe collection of artists curated by our gift shop manager Cathie is as diverse and exciting. With more than 100 within our collection, we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase and introduce you to a few folks. IN this case, a very special and very talented young lady, Hannah Hicks.
We’ll let Hannah speak for herself … you’ll soon be wanting to swing by the shop and pick up some of her cheerful cards and creations! Each an original work of art.
I’m Hannah Hicks. I love being an artist. Art is really fun for a lot of artists including me.
I have Down Syndrome and art lets me be creative.

Art is really fun for a lot of artists including me. Art is very communicative. I use different mediums like acrylic paint and watercolour paint. For the last three years I have been creating paintings using ink.

Dance has a lot of artistic movements. And it shows strength, flexibility, raw emotion, and shapes through our legs and arms. I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. And it has been my passion for so long. I went to dance classes and recitals. I took classes about hip hop, jazz, contemporary, tap and lyrical. To see me dance, click here and here.

Singing takes a lot of strength, breath, practice, and hearing the notes. I’m taking singing lessons in Halifax and that pushes me to become a singer. I had my first voice recital recently. I write my own songs so I can be able to make my own music albums.

Hannah Hicks5244358FAMILY…
My family is really important to me. My mother and sister are Speech Language Pathologists who work with people with special needs. Check out my Mom’s website: Down Syndrome Junction. My other sister does Massage and Movement Therapy for people with special needs, this is her website Acorn Ability Clinic.

If you want to learn more about me, and my work you can reach me at


Hannah is an Artist of White Point, and has been for several years, she is a White Pointer, a part of our family…maybe her artwork will become a part of yours!