Meet Crow Eddy – an Artist of White Point

Meet Crow Eddy – an Artist of White Point

Crow EddyIt is our honour, pleasure and we think responsibility to introduce White Pointers to local artists and creators who help express our rich culture, heritage and natural oasis.
We’re so very proud to have Indigenous artist Crow Eddy as one of our Artists of White Point. While you may have admired his work in our shop, learn about the man behind the dream-catchers, carvings and bead-work.

One man’s journey ….

Since moving to Milton I started up healing circles hosted by Milton Christian Church. These ten week circles run twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

crow eddyFor the past four years I have been drumming the Mi’kmaq honour song to open the monthly meetings of the Native Council of Nova Scotia, zone 9, in Liverpool. I have drummed the Mi’kmaq honour song for the Remembrance Day ceremony in Milton the last four years. I also drummed at the opening ceremony for the Mi’kmaq plaque placed at the swinging bridge in Sable River, and I drum for Milton Christian Church’s spring sunrise ceremony in Tupper Park each year.
I have lectured at St. Mary’s university on our spiritual practices and shared our teaching with many people around Nova Scotia.

I also conduct plant medicine walks in the area. This entails taking people on hikes in the forest and pointing out the traditional medicine or food plants combined with the knowledge of those plants.
I am now a member of a North American council on Truth and Reconciliation called; the Centre for Indigenous Ministries (D.O.C.) Council. Our main focus to date is how to address and heal present day colonialist thinking and sharing that understanding. We will be hosting Winter Talk 2019 at the Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

crow eddyI have had articles published in the Canadian Disciples of Christ newsletter and the American Disciples of Christ newsletter on Mi’kmaq spirituality and healing circles.

With my responsibility to the community I still find time to make native craft work and sell that work around the province. This not only allows me to share my work with others but to share my knowledge of my Mi’kmaq people with others from Canada and around the globe, building bridges to our ancient culture and our living people.

Crow Eddy
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