Locavores love White Point’s Gift Shop: 110 Nova Scotian Artists and growing

Locavores love White Point’s Gift Shop: 110 Nova Scotian Artists and growing

Cathie PincombeSome days we still pinch ourselves!
How lucky are we to be surrounded by works of more than 110 local Nova Scotian artists. To be honest we feel like we’re in the epicenter of our incredibly talented artistic community here at White Point.

We’re on a mission to celebrate and showcase original works, introducing our guests to artists. Our Gift Shop Manager, Cathie Pincombe, has actually curated such a large collection of artists and crafters that we’ve had to burst out of her tiny but mighty 200 sqft gift shop, sprawl out onto the property with our 90th Anniversary SEA’Spired Ourdoor Sculpture Show!

While there are likely a number of familiar names in the list below, we hope that you’ll find a few that are new to you and have you wanting to discover them. Some have been long-time Artists of White Point, participating in our annual Show in November or having hosted one of our Brush with Good Cheer classes. Some you will have noticed adorning the walls of the Main Lodge, some you may have met while you where here – some are our staff members!

Together, they express the essence of Nova Scotia and our coastal oasis. It’s been our pleasure and honour to showcase their work. Seeing it admired, appreciated and cherished as they go to their forever homes around the world is one of our greatest joys.

Please drop in to the Gift Shop when you are here as an overnight guest, or just passing through!
Open Daily, you’ll always find something interesting and inspiring.

So, let’s see …. how many of the following are new artists for you to discover?

Craig Naugler
Sticks & Stones Folk Art (Laurie & Maggie Horton)
Maritime Painted Saltbox (Tom Always and Peter Blais)
Shawn Allen
Leeanna McNeill
Down Home Living (Tessa Dixon)
Stephen Weaver
Mike Brown
Dave Sarty
Fabulous Attic (Joanna Knopf)
Libby Broadbent
Be Steel My Art (Blair Brown)

Cherry Hill Studio (Leslie Snidal & Ed Saikeley)
Marilyn Kellough
Marshall Burgess
Dennis Curran
Savage Studio (Roger Savage)
Marg Millard
Matthew Collins
Dennis Teakle
Janet Tanner
Loretta Dedrick
Andrew Burgess
Hannah Hicks
Lacy Huntly
Donna Maguire
Raymond Chow

Little Arrows Porcupine Quill Jewelry (Shelia Porter)
Chisel and Brush (Laurie & Janet Clattenburg)
Nancy Norklun
Jeremiah Tree Glass Jewelry (Lisa Martin)
Sea Glass Jewelry (Julie Nauss)
The Mod House (Jennifer Crouse)
John Baxter
Alecia Bowers
Shy Giraffe (Jennifer Sarault)
Echo Design Jewellery (Pat and Bill Mackin)
Tim Clark
Judy Cooper

Mary Dahr
Robert Turner
Kas Stone
Kenneth Barton
Spirit Speak Art (Cheryl Hassen)

Sea People Art (Deb Taylor)
The Lunenburg Makery (Rita Makery)
Kim Stephenson
The Quilters Net (Bev Crouse)
Marie Davis
Darlene Norman
Hilary Taylor
Jane Steele
Barbara Evans
Tammy Bowers
Jane Allin
All for Knot Rope (Angela Worsley)
La-La Land (Leigh-Anne Hiltz)
Lynette Curtis
Felt Art Creations (Val Atwood)
Knotty Girl (Daphne Haywood)

Westcote Bell Pottery (Vaughn Smith)
Unbridled Studio (Matthew Carver)
Medway Candle (Mike Beinstock)
Bruce Smith
The Glass Bakery (Cara Wedgebrow)
Dirty Buoy Natural Soap & Oils (rick Conrad)
Lynn Slack
WoodChaCallit Toy Crafters (Ray & Elke Syvitski)
Joan Lilly
Hilltop Designs (Andy Sherman)
Rika Boliver

Frances Jewel Dickson: Destination White Point
Rick Conrad/Len Wagg: White Point Then & Now
Judy Dudar: I Spy a Bunny
Vernon Oickle: Nova Scotia Ghost Stories, and many more titles
Lynn McCarron: Nov Scotia Lullaby
Mary Ann Donovan: Oak Island, A Tale of Two Treasures
John Obrien: Oak Island Unearthed
Sherri-Lynn Kenny: a number of children’s books
Gerald Daye: The Story Teller
George Fraser: No Story for Sunday School
Chanelle Jefferson: My Nova Scotia Cookbook
Libby Broadbent: Indefinitely Idled
South Queens Middle School: White Point Colouring Book
And dozens more!

Grinners Dog Treats (Robin Anthony)
Haskapa Foods (LaHave Forest Products)
Gourmandises Avenue Chocolates
The Summer Kitchen (Sand MacLean)
Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes (Ken Wallace)

Cyril Moores (basket maker)
Saltwater Angela (Mary Ediger)
Design Canoe (Jacob Baker)
Damien Webb
Darren Hudson
Medway Head Lighthouse Calendars
Crow Eddy (dreamcatchers, beaded and carved jewelery)
Kim Williams
Lucas Peverill
Bucky’s Fly Ornaments (Bucky Devine)
Jane Thies
Roger van Norden
Bear Cover Resources (Betsy Hart/Robert Luliucci)

SEA’SPIRED Outdoor Sculpture Artists 2018
Todd Labrador
Jan Hull
Brad Hall
Timothy Gillespie
Franz Fraitzl
Tom & Peter Alway
Marc Graff
Shauna MacLeod
Cheryl Hassen
Nancy Roberts
Sarah Irwin
Mary Jane Lundy
Allan Carver
Beverly McInnes
Alexa Jaffurs
Blair Brown
Andrew Burgess
Johanna Knopf
Justin Dagley

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