Outdoor Sculpture Show ‘Sea’spired’ Exceeds Expectations

Outdoor Sculpture Show ‘Sea’spired’ Exceeds Expectations

For Immediate Release – Monday July 16, 2018, White Point, Nova Scotia.

‘Sea’spired’ Atlantic Canada’s Largest Outdoor Sculpture Show Surpasses Expectations
Take a glimpse of what you can expect: Sea’spired video tour

Franz Fraitzl WindWhen Franz Fraitzl moved to Nova Scotia from British Columbia 2 years ago in July, he never imagined his journey would take him from ‘blowing’ things up in the film industry to creating works of art from recycled materials.

Always a creator and problem solver, he fell into being an artist repurposing his custom built CNC machine shop in Boutiliers Point into a studio, one that would serve him well in the creation of a trio of sculptures. ‘Serpent’, ‘Wind’ and ‘Kelp’ are magical, larger than life cornerstone sculptures in Sea’Spired, the outdoor show on display this year at White Point Beach Resort.

Fraitzl says his art is only a piece of his work but is a reflection of his ongoing effort to salvage himself and his commitment to making a difference. Inspired by a series of life changing health related events, including a journey back from paralysis that prevented him from returning to the film industry, he set about reinventing himself.

Passionate about recycling, he established Up-Cycle Chile. Working with 12 single moms he drew on his 20 year experience as a special effects creator to guide their quest to repurpose trash and discarded materials into a series of new products, ranging from jewelry to bags, for resale.

After returning home to BC, a family connection brought him to Nova Scotia where he settled on the South Shore. Carving out a new career using the CNC Machine shop he’d build, it was encouragement from neighbouring artist, Krista Sheehan, in September 2017 that he began exploring art.

By November, thanks to his friend and artist Sarah Irwin, he found himself at White Point Beach Resort surrounded by sculpture artists from around Nova Scotia learning about Sea’Spired, a concept for an outdoor sculpture show they were hoping to mount.

After more than 1000 hours, repurposing everything from an oil tank to beach stones and having to tweak several tools to do the job, he says ‘Serpent’, ‘Kelp’ and ‘Wind’ came to life. Revealed at the show opening in May earlier this year, they have become much adored cornerstones.

serpent1Rising from the cobble on the edge of the Atlantic, Fraitzl says ‘Serpent’ was inspired by Greek Mythology. Suspended and spiraling, each stone was carefully selected to bring the towering creation to life. ‘Kelp’ is a fountain, a mirror image of a painting by Krista Sheehan while ‘Wind’ takes on the ocean itself. Towering more than 18 feet into the air, anchored in granite, the kinetic energy of the pieces namesake was an experiment for Franz that came with many challenges, including working around the tides.

He says it was all worth it. “Watching guests interact with my pieces, in person and in their photos afterward, is exciting and encouraging. Inspired by the sea, my hope is that each piece will give people cause to stop, reflect and connect with the sea.  I think my pieces are doing just that.”

Fraitzl is honoured to be one of 19 Nova Scotian Artists showcasing 38 works of art along a sea’sculpted trail at White Point.

seaspiredCurator of the Show, White Point’s Gift Shop Manager, Cathie Pincombe says the show, the largest of its kind in Atlantic Canada, has exceeded the Resorts expectations.  “As proud champions of local artists for many years, this year in honour of our 90th anniversary, we wanted to give guests a unique way to experience our seaside location and our artists. Sea’spired has done exactly that.”

Pincombe says they were thrilled with the response to the call for expressions of interest last fall. Having 19 artists from all over Nova Scotia participate in the show has extended the registry of artists to well beyond 100 for the Resort.

Since opening on May 6th, Joanne Veinotte admits the response has exceeded our expectations. “Each of the sculptures are a story and expression of the talented artists we have the privilege of celebrating. They have brought our outdoor gallery to life, inspiring our guests to explore our property in such an exciting and interesting manner, so much so that we’ve already had to do a second reprint of the show guide 2 months into the 6 month show.”

Marc Graff installed a trilogy of his own. While Fraitzl worked in metal as a base, Graff’s work is in stone. ‘Diver’, ‘Dog Welk’ and ‘Saltwater Dream’ have been very popular as has ‘heart loves the ocean’ by Jan Hull. A carved bench from Justin Dagley salutes the sea while ‘Sailors’ Folly’ by Tom Always and Peter Blais is easily spotted with its colourful perch. ‘Vince’ by Blair Brown keeps watch over the ocean as ‘surf’ inspired creations by each Andrew Burgess and Johanna Knopf are nearby. Brad Hull’s duet, ‘Wind Comb’ and ‘Climate Chaos’ are thought provoking while the whimsical MerFolk Sea Goddesses by Mary Jane Lundy are a trio of fun in themselves.

Todd LabradorThe show is on until Thanksgiving at which time pieces that have been purchased will go on to their new homes, however two will remain. ‘Hatching Magic’ by Cheryl Hassen has been kindly secured and donated to the property for all to enjoy by a neighbour. ‘Our Spirits Remain’ by Mi’Kmaq artist Todd Labrador will remain for eternity. It’s an etching in stone, a petroglyph. Labrador says he was inspired by his people for this piece, “For thousands of years the Mi’Kmaq people travelled the familiar waterways of Mi’kma’ki in their birch bark canoes. They were born, were a part of the land…and still are. ‘Our Spirits Remain’ depicts an etching of a family travelling along the coast of Mi’kma’ki.”

Rounding out the collection are works by Timothy Gillespie, Shawna MacLeod, Nancy Roberts, Allan Carver, Beverly McInness, Alexa Jaffurs and Sarah Irwin who originally introduced Fraitzl to the show.

Exploring the 38 works of art while meandering the 28 locations in comfortable walking shoes in person at White Point is the best way to experience Sea’spired during a stay or on one of the weekly, you can get a glimpse at the works and learn about the 19 artists online at whitepoint.com.


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