Nest #2 in progress for our Piping Plovers

Nest #2 in progress for our Piping Plovers

mom X2 on nest july 10 Jenn SamsonCan you see her? There’s Momma X2 on her nest, incubating her 3 eggs. Dad, U3 is off feeding somewhere – they take turns, it’s a great partnership they have. Jenn from Bird Studies Canada dropped by to check in on them for us and says our ‘hatch date’ is around June 25 -26.

Join Wendy on one of her tours and learn about these incredible endangered species that we are so thrilled to help protect with your help!

They’re real troopers.
We’re cheering for them, and know you are too. This is their second attempt at a nest. If you recall their earlier one with 4 eggs was lost due to a rain storm we believe.

It’s easy to lend them a hand.
~ Respect the signed ‘zones of protection’.
~ Keep dogs on leash at the beach.
~ Walk on wet sand when on the beach.
And of course, share these practices with others when you are out and see others on the beach.

Piping Plover walks July