Brad Hall – Wind Comb and Climate Chaos

Brad Hall – Wind Comb and Climate Chaos

Two pieces that have been created by artist Brad Hall are included in Sea’spired.
The first is ‘Wind Comb’.
The anthesis of a sea comb, in constant motion, ebbing and flowing in the sea, serving to clean and filter our oceans. Constructed of steel and aluminum, Wind Comb is 15ft x 19ft.
Cost: $5800

Meet Brad with Wind Comb now.

The second is ‘Climate Chaos’.
You need not look far to see that our environment is in a constant state of spiraling chaos. We are not in control but have the ability to control our impact. Climate Chaos is made of forged aluminum, rolled and is 8.5ft x 6ft x 4ft.
Cost: $3600

See video of Brad with Climate Chaos now.

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Brad Hall – sculptor, blacksmith – is a graduate of the Sheridan School of Art, Brampton, Ontario. Brad works with a variety of metals and traditional blacksmithing techniques – forging, welding, banding and riveting. Occasionally, these metals are combined with stone and/or wood, allowing Brad to create a design that combines art and function. During his career he has worked in a variety of mediums, including photography, pottery, and weaving, as well as the restoration of heritage buildings. He has found the transition into creating with metal to be both exciting and challenging, and his work clearly reflects a strong affinity for these materials.


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