Marc Graff

Marc Graff

Included in Sea’spired are a trio of works by artist Marc Graff.

The first is ‘Free Diver’.
Carved and polished to give the impression and feeling of that moment of weightlessness when one has committed one’s self to the dive and have left the bonds of earth and time behind. One can feel the spirit of this piece of dense black granite, imprisoned in the earth for eons, now free and flying. Free Diver is made of black granite and steel, and is 6ft long x 4ft 6in high x 1ft wide.
Cost: $8500

Meet Marc, with his piece Free Diver (on a windy day!) now.

His second piece is ‘Dog Whelk’.
This is the artist enlarged rendition of a type of shellfish that lives in our coastal waters. Carved from a local granite boulder with dimensions of 50” long x 38” high x 36” deep.
Cost: $4800

Marc’s final Sea’spired piece is ‘Saltwater Dream’.
Hand carved from hard local stone, the moored stone dory rides the soft liquid waves of the sea. Saltwater Dream is made of stone, with a steel pedestal with dimensions of 56” long x 48”high x 24” wide
Cost: $7800

About Marc:
I have developed a close relationship with stones of the earth since I built my first stone wall 50 years ago. Every year since I have supplemented my income by building with stone, including my own structural fieldstone studio and home which I have lived in since 1990. I am a self-taught, hard stone sculptor and delight in exposing the image and spirit that has been waiting patiently in the stone to be revealed to generations.

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saltwater dreamdog WhelkDog Whelk installation

free diver from marcunnamed-55