Franz Fraitzl – a trilogy … Serpent, Wind and Kelp

Franz Fraitzl – a trilogy … Serpent, Wind and Kelp

Sea’spired includes three pieces from artist Franz Fraitzl.

The first piece is ‘Wind’.
A force by nature always moving, sometimes calm and soothing, sometimes wild and powerful. It moved sails as long as mankind sailed the oceans. Expressed as a spiraling beacon, standing tall, the sails show movement and the canvas, a reminder of the souls that sailed the oceans. Made of steel and canvas, Wind is 19ft high x 12ft wide.
Cost: $18000

See a video of Franz with Wind now.

The second piece is ‘Kelp’.
Inspired from a painting by Krista Sheehan the fountain is a reminder to take care
of our oceans. We take so much for granted as humans but rarely give back or put
nature and the environment first and above us. Very few realize and acknowledge
that we are part of this world and not above. Kelp is made of recycled steel, with dimensions of 6ft x 6ft x 3ft.
Cost: $9000

The third, and final piece is ‘Serpent’.
A mythical creature, depicted for thousands of years. Real or myth, the descendants of dinosaurs or dragons? Made from something new, something used and something borrowed. Combining materials that I come across daily and surround me, inspired by the rocks of the beach. Serpent is made from steel and beach rocks, and is 50ft x 10ft.
Cost: $24000

Franz Fraitzl is a recent addition to Nova Scotia. Born and educated in Germany, until recently bringing his art alive as a Special Effects Technician in the Vancouver Film Industry. Inspired by Land and Sea, Franz tries to use mostly repurposed materials. His favourite medium is rusty scrap steel.

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