Mary Jane Lundy

Mary Jane Lundy

MJLundyMerFolkSeaGoddessI bArtist Mary Jane Lundy has created MerFolk Sea Goddess I, II & III – to be included in Sea’spired.

The MerFolk Goddess is created by the process of slab clay construction, using man made forms to slump the clay into shapes. Then, Mary Jane uses her imagination as she sculpts, to mimics mythological creatures of the sea. Hang them outside during the summer season!
Mediums used include Lantz clay, that has been painted with colorful glazes and finished with transparent glaze, fired in an electric kiln. Dimensions are 15” x 15”.
Cost: $840 (each)

Meet Mary Jane and her MerFolk Sea Goddess I, II & III now.

Mary Jane Lundy, as a ceramic sculptor, is inspired by the sea life found in her Maritime region near the Atlantic Ocean, and by the birds and plants that inhabit the shorelines there.
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mary Jane Lundy