Johanna Knopf – On the Surf

Johanna Knopf – On the Surf

Also included in Sea’spired is ‘On the Surf’, which is being provided by artist Johanna Knopf.

The beach at White Point is a popular spot for surfers to catch the perfect waves. Therefore an ocean/beach scene painted on a surfboard is the best way for Johanna to express her love for the ocean.
Acrylic paint on a fibreglass surfboard (dimensions of 6ft) was used to create this piece.
Cost: 490.00

Meet Johanna with On the Surf now.


Johanna Knopf is an artist residing in Dublin Shore. In 2010, she and her family moved from Germany to Nova Scotia. Inspired by the ocean and beautiful landscapes, she designs art work using driftwood and beach glass. Additionally she works with different types of materials such as canvas, wood, driftwood and more to create paintings.
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