Cheryl Hassen – Hatching Magic

Cheryl Hassen – Hatching Magic

Included in Sea’spired is ‘Hatching Magic’, by artist Cheryl Hassen. Meet Cheryl now.

Hatching Magic is a bird nest constructed from layers and layers of shale rock, dotted with beach glass, with three magical, clear quartz crystal orbs as eggs – all nestled in an apple tree. Mediums used include contemporary sculpture and stone art, with dimensions of 18” around x 12” high.
Cost:$350Hassen_nest progress2

Cheryl Hassen is an exhibiting member of Craft Nova Scotia, known for her contemporary shale photography, stone sculptures and her “exceptional sense of design.” Her work is one-of-a-kind and in limited series. Her art is about transforming a space with natural beauty while staying on target with the positive intent and positive energy that is the mission of her work.

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Hatching magic Cheryl HassenCheryl Hassen Hatching Magic