Blair Brown – Vince, Bulrush & Rainbow Fern

Blair Brown – Vince, Bulrush & Rainbow Fern

Rainbow FernAnother artist featured in Sea’spired is Blair Brown. Blair has provided two pieces for the show.
The first is ‘Bulrushes’, which are naturally inspired by the sea. Made of recycled pipe, round and flat bar, this piece is 6-7 ft in size.
Cost: $390

Rainbow Fern is a large vibrant creation that stands 5ft tall made from 5/16 and 1/4 inch round bar. This colourful piece fits in perfectly against the woodland surroundings of the pond within Lakeside Retreat.
Cost: $390

See video of Blair with Rainbow Fern and Bulrushes now.


The second is ‘Vince, The Fisherman’. Vince is inspired by those who have made their living out at sea. Vince evolved from a 45 gallon oil drum, pipe and truck parts – weathered and full of character. Blair tackled this project just to challenge himself and in doing so, Vince has taken on a personality of his own. Vince is 7 ft tall.
This is not for sale.

See a video of Blair and Vince, the Fisherman now.


Blair has the ability to shape the materials he uses into whatever he desires them to be. Preferring to use reclaimed steel; such as oil drums, car parts and found objects, he says he is doing his part for a greener world.
Blair Brown
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