Beverley McInnes – Welcoming Sentinels & Beach Games

Beverley McInnes – Welcoming Sentinels & Beach Games

Artist Beverley McInnes has created ‘Welcoming Sentinels’ and ‘Beach Games’, which will be included in Sea’spired.

Meet Beverley as she introduces her sculptures in this little video from Opening Day.
Some insight into what ‘Welcoming Sentinels’ are:
“Rustworks” are about seeing something beautiful in the discarded, giving new life to what has been broken and cast out, and seeing worth in what has been deemed worthless. There is value in the valueless. Iron, rust, brass, copper and wire allow the five multimedia ‘Welcoming Sentinels’ to come to life.
Dimensions: #1- 105cm x 15cm, #2 – 58cm x 20m, #3 – 48cm x 15cm, #4 Pair – 49cm x 6cm and #5- 51cm x 6cm.
These are not for sale.

Beach Games is a rusted iron, found object mounted onto aNova Scotia granite base. Abalone shells applied whimsically and at random, depicting beach games of Hopscotch or Tic Tac Toe.
Beach Games is 20cm x 30cm in size.
Cost: $425

Beverley McInnes of Chester, NS is multimedia artist, who teaches and exhibits widely.
Beverley is a juried master Artisan of Craft Nova Scotia, founding member of the Chester Art Centre, coordinator for Parks Canada.
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