Alexa Jaffurs – Flight Study

Alexa Jaffurs – Flight Study

The next artist to be featured during Sea’spired is Alexa Jaffurs. Alexa has provided two pieces for the show.  Meet Alexa now.

The first is ‘Flight Study – Ternish’ and the second is ‘Flight Study – Wing Swarm’.

Both are made of mild steel and stainless steel. The bird creature is 36” x 32”, and the stand is 7’.
Cost: $3900 (Ternish), $3250 (Wing Swarm)Jaffurs 2018 Sculpture Proposal

About Alexa:
I have been blacksmithing for over thirty years, full time since moving to Nova Scotia in 2009. I love the manner in which metal can be stretched and squashed and bent and twisted, the marvelous and varied forms it can take. I started with hooks and 18th century hardware. Nowadays, I create pieces that interact with garden plantings. Working with wind on this scale is a new direction for me.
902 825 4347
[email protected]

Alexa Jaffurs Jaffurs selfie w butterply