90 Year Old Nova Scotia Landmark Celebrated in New Book

90 Year Old Nova Scotia Landmark Celebrated in New Book


90 Year Old Nova Scotia Landmark Celebrated in New Book

White Point, Liverpool, April 20, 2018 – Nova Scotia has welcomed travelers from near and far for generations. While there are landmarks all over the Province that have withstood the test of time, 90 years later there is one that  holds a special place in the hearts of many: White Point Beach Resort.  On April 28th, Nimbus Publishing will launch a new book that celebrates 90 years of memories at this iconic property in White Point, Then & Now.

After nearly a year in development, Nimbus says they were thrilled to work with White Point to create this book in honour of White Point’s 90th anniversary, “White Point is such an iconic institution. We can’t imagine a Nova Scotia without it, to be honest.  White Point represents Nova Scotian culture and mirrors our resilient spirits. Not only has it withstood the test of time, but it has grown through the past 90 years, proving that Nova Scotia and its people will succeed despite all odds,” says Tika Jakobsen Kinsman, spokesperson from Nimbus Publishing.  It was also in April, 9 years ago, that Nimbus released the children’s book, I Spy a Bunny by Judy Dudar and illustrated by Richard Rudnicki, that follows a young girl’s vacation at White Point Beach Resort.

For Joanne Veinotte, White Point’s general manager, flipping through the pages of the new book is like travelling through time, watching their family grow and evolve. “There have been so many memories and events enjoyed here. I have often said White Point is well loved and these images and stories shared within these pages offer a glimpse into how very special this place really is—to all of us.”

Rick Conrad was tasked with capturing the essence of the memories of White Pointers and the community. While he’d been very familiar with the resort, he was surprised by how passionate White Pointers were, noting that it was so much more than just a place to stay. It was their place to recharge and reconnect with family and friends. The Sun family from the United States stood out for Conrad, “Ann and John have been coming to White Point since 1993 and make a point of making reservations for up to three years ahead just to be sure they get “their” cottage. It’s that deep-in-the-heart attachment that so many have to White Point that was so striking. It definitely helped set the tone for the book.”

Photographer Len Wagg, who selected the “then” images to recreate for contrast to the “now,” says what he loved the most about shooting the photos for the book was how people wanted to recreate the image exactly how it was. “We had some great laughs as people tried to get in their old poses.  It was a blast.” Having spent a good deal of time at White Point while working on the book over the past year, Len was surprised most by the feeling of family that seemed to be all around the resort. The staff seemed to be a happy group and the people who were staying there, it seemed like they were at home spending evenings around a kitchen table. The connection they all had was wonderful.

The book is available in book stores across Atlantic Canada, on Amazon, and at White Point Beach Resort. The official Book Launch, being hosted at White Point Beach Resort on Saturday, April 28th, at 2:00 pm is a public event. Len Wagg and Rick Conrad will be on hand to introduce the book, share their experiences and, of course, sign books.  The Launch is a part of White Point’s 90th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend that features special events, including a memorabilia “show and share,” and a green screen ‘time travel’ photo booth. Len Wagg will also be hosting a special presentation of his Nova Scotia at Night book which was released earlier this year.

For more information about the launch, and to RSVP, visit whitepoint.com.

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