Mystery Artifact identified by local woman, studying in the States

Mystery Artifact identified by local woman, studying in the States

Coal Scoop Artifact march 6 2018Oh WOW, GREAT Mystery – SOLVED!
This artifact we found and shared in a photo on Facebook on March 6th. It’s a ‘scoop’ discovered in the sand in front of Cottage #46 following a vicious Nor’easter has been identified as a 1/4 Cup Coal Scoop, that could be from Harry Ewers & Sons, Inc. in Cincinnati!

We know all of this thanks to one of friends here on Facebook, Cathy Smith who a local Liverpool woman studying in Virginia at the University of Mary Washington!

Check this out …

Hello, Mystery solved!
I am completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Mary Washington with a major in Historic Preservation and a minor in Museum Studies (expected to graduate this May). I am currently a conservation intern at the Virginia Department of Historic Preservation. Last week, I brought the image with dimensions into the lab last week and did research with the Conservator, Katherine Ridgeway at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

We feel this is a coal scoop. With artifacts in the ground (in this case the sand), context is everything. Given that the scoop was found at the same time as coal helped narrow down the research. What also helped narrow the research down was seeing the way the scoop corroded. This type of corrosion indicates that it has a high iron content and was not likely silver.
Here are some images of similar scoops for comparison located on and I hope this helps.

Cathy Smith

It sure does Cathy and we are so appreciative that you not only took such an interest in this, but that you solved it for us – WOW!
This will now find its home in our new historic exhibit we are creating as part of our 90th Anniversary Celebrations. Looking forward to showing you the collection when you come home again

Coal scoop
Photo sourced from Esty Website