Thanks for a GREAT Christmas!

Thanks for a GREAT Christmas!

At this time of year I always like to reflect on what I have learned, what I could have done better, and the memorable people I have had the pleasure of meeting – one of the many perks of my position here as GM of such an amazing place.

This past week has been one of challenges and triumphs. I have always known that I have the best staff any GM could ask for and once again they proved me right. They gave up their holiday, through the most challenging of circumstances, to ensure that our guests had the best Christmas possible. We served over 300 people their Christmas dinner in fine style, perhaps a more intimate experience than we are used to providing with the lighting being more romantic than functional.  Big smiles and plenty of holiday spirit was present as we enjoyed ‘White Point Christmas – Survivor style’.

Over the last few days I have received many emails, notes and phone calls from guests thanking us for the experience our staff was able to provide on Christmas day.  I share these with our staff, it means a lot to them and to me. Your kind words serve as fuel to GM Joanne Veinotte, White Point Beach Resortrejuvenate the spirit of those of us who work in hospitality and give up time with our own families to look after others. Many of us have chosen to work in hospitality because we have a passion for it and for people. When guests take time out of their busy schedule to let us know we have done a good job it is like throwing a new log on a crackling fire – it feeds that spark we all have.

All of us at White Point wish you the happiest of New Year’s. We look forward to celebrating our 90th anniversary year with you. It is going to be great!